Monday, October 25, 2010

Brady bunch aMUSEment

Yeah, I know, Eric Martsolf isn't the most well-known actor. Drawing a blank? His most recent gig is Brady on Days of Our Lives.

I've got a long list of guilty TV pleasures I'm not afraid to talk about. Dexter. Supernatural. Vampire Diaries. True Blood. 24. So You Think You Can Dance. And the list goes on...

But all of those shows serve another purpose - like sucking up the cleverness of characters like Dexter, swooning over Damon in Vampire Diaries or Jack Bauer in 24 (sniff), wishing I could dance like the youth popping it on SYTYCD, or simply seething with jealousy over the brilliance of Supernatural and True Blood.

But I've also reacquainted myself with Days of our Lives (thanks, PVR) much to my husband's shock (and misery), and honestly, other than satisfying some undefined need and providing a bit of eye candy, Days is truly just a guilty pleasure.

I've been an on-and-off Days fan since before I started school. Nona (grandma) and I used to watch it every day together. That and Another World. As my Nona used to say, Days had the "cuter" boys. Apparently that hasn't changed over the years.

I once had a front row seat on the Bo Brady bandwagon. But while Peter Reckless is looking a little worn, Eric, here, definitely is not.

Having stayed home sick for most of last week, I've got much to catch up on this week - which means less time with my guilty pleasures, and more time with my Mac. But I admit, I got used to my daily dose of Brady, so instead of giving him up entirely, I've made him this week's muse avatar.

Don't worry, Eric, there's no lines to memorize, no brooding character to portray. Just...stand there, k? Thanks.

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The Book In My Bag Today: Fantasy in Death, J.D. Robb


  1. Oh Eric and I go way back, he was the second Ethan on Passions. Yes that's right while I also have had an on again, off again relationship with Days I watched the entire Passions series.... Now that was quality tv LOL! I think it is funny how many of the Passions actors are now on Days.

  2. JESS - wow, I didn't know that! I completely forgot about Passions. In my naive youth, I thought Days was the only show with "good" acting, "believable plots" and "justification" for bringing back the dead.

  3. Oh girl! I was once on the Bo Brady bandwagon too! My BFF and I video taped (like actual VHS) Bo and Hope's wedding. Swoon.


  4. Um, YUM! And thanks for the mention:)

  5. SUZANNE - ah, the wedding. GREAT TV :-) I love the flashbacks. But, I'm so not a fan of Carly. And I HATE when Bo and Hope are apart... Confession: I wrote Bo loves Hope on my high school binder!

    CANDY - yep. And you're welcome.

  6. I used to watch Another World faithfully. First and last soap ever watched. Sad day when it ended. sigh.

    Your eye candy is flippin' yummy and hard and muscled and tanned and..

    Is it hot in here or is it just me?

  7. He is so nice on the eyes. Thank you for lighting up mine with this post ;-=)

  8. JAMIE - Nona and I used to watch Another World, too. Loved that show...not as much as Days, but still. Eye candy is hot for sure....but you'll cool off right quick when you come home. Blech to snow.

    WENDY - Told you I'd do pretty much anything for you :-D

    WW - word!

  9. You always pick the BEST muses! It's a talent I tell you.

  10. JAYDEE - good thing I do that right because I'm definitely not writing! Too many ideas. Not enough discipline. Bad. But, I'm glad you enjoy the muse...