Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Late aMUSEment

Judging by the myriad of True Blood tributes throughout the blogosphere, I know I'm not the only fan patiently counting down the days until the new season starts. With Vampire Diaries taking a seasonal hiatus (sigh), I'm more than ready to welcome Sam, Eric, and of course, Jason back to my television screen.

Uh, that's Sunday night in case you've been living under a rock too busy to check the TV guide.

In the quest for Sookie's love, I'm solidly on Team Eric - and Eric has been my muse avatar before and undoubtedly will be again very soon. Like, maybe Monday if I don't get enough of him Sunday night.

But I think Ryan Kwanten got dealt a bit of a raw deal last season, causing some people to forget he existed - or was, in actuality, one of the show's original heart throbs.

Not to worry, Ry. I got ya covered. (Sidenote: a quick Google search shows a lot of pictures of Ryan uncovered *bites knuckles* - he isn't shy in the slightest...)

Anyway, Jason wasn't the most reliable guy in the first season and while you might think that would make him a lousy muse avatar, I have a different opinion. Just as Jason is a little scattered, I figure I'm going to be pretty scattered this week as well. My lil sis is getting married Saturday and I'm in beautiful Nova Scotia to do whatever I can for her.

Inbetween making centerpieces and wrapping wine bottles, I hope to get some writing done. It's not going to be to schedule (my muse avatar post is even a day late - but hey, I was on a plane for most of Monday...) but it will be inspired.

And let's face it, Ry is rather, er, inspiring.

While I have every inclination to spend some quality time with my laptop, I don't think a 'task master' type muse is realistic, at least not this week. So if Ryan is a little distracted, I'm ok with that. If he would rather sit back and have a beer in the Nova Scotia sun, I'm ok with that, too.

And if he'd prefer to sluff off the entire week, hey, I accept even the hardest working muse deserves a few days off.


  1. I don't watch the show, but thanks for the morning eye candy. Always nice to see something so sweet so early in the day ;-)

  2. That show is on HBO isn't it? Hubs periodically changes which movie channels we get (because all the good stuff is ALWAYS on the channels you don't have, right?). Anyhow I don't think we get that channel, so I am hopefully absolved of my crime against nature in not watching. Love eye candy in the morning!

  3. I don't watch those but I could stare at this picture all day...

  4. I LOVE that show! I spend about two weeks in an online streaming coma trying to catch up on episodes a few months ago. Can't wait for it to come back on!

  5. Sometimes I really do think I must live under a rock somewhere. I don't know this show either but I sure do like your choices for muses!!

  6. i'm sorry, i have no idea what you blogged about. but i have to tell you, there is a very distracting photo in the upper left-hand corner of your screen. in fact -- *scrolls up* -- yup, it's still there OMG SORRY IS THAT DROOL BECAUSE IF IT IS IT'S NOT MINE WHAT?

    *scratches head*
    *scrolls up*

    so what was your post about, again?

  7. i'm always late to the party!

    i didn't get into the show when it started, and now i'm so far behind i can't possibly watch the new season.

    just like with lost, 24, grey's anatomy, etc.

  8. I, too, am counting down the days until True Blood starts.

    And good lord, thanks for the visual.

  9. I've been in my sasquatch cave i.e., too busy to check the listings. Have fun in NS!

  10. Wendy - I'll try and supply you with eye candy every Monday morning :-)

    Vicki - you're absolved. And you're welcome.

    Candy - I hear ya.

    CQG - the wait is almost over now. Woot!

    Jaydee - Thanks!

    Tahereh - the actual post isn't important...you saw what I wanted you to :-)

    Mi - the seasons are short, darling. The first two are on DVD. You'll be addicted... Would I steer you wrong?!

    Suzanne - yay! And you're welcome.

    Thanks Jan. It's stunning here and spending time with my sister is awesome.

  11. How ON EARTH have a missed this show so full of man-candy? Yes... under a rock... that's me... I will have to see if Hulu can do me right! Thank you for waking me to the possibility!

  12. Watery Tart - consider it my gift to you -)