Thursday, June 3, 2010

Book 33 - Anywhere She Runs

Holy crap.

Why have I never read a Debra Webb book before?!

I was fortunate to win this book (twice, but that's a different story) after commenting on the Murder She Writes blog. I always enjoy Debra's posts, but I'd yet to check out one of her books. We all have our silly moments, right?

Anywhere She Runs is a near-perfect book. Strong female character. Sexy-as-hell male lead. A unique and awesome bad guy (actually, Debra gives us a couple in this book, both with just enough "villain" in them) and a compelling, suspenseful plot.

Add to that well-honed (read: amazing) technical craft. Tight, tight description. Brilliant pacing. Oblique dialogue. Wonderful characterization. And smoking hot sex scenes.

I loved this book.

A quick plot outline: Police officer Adeline (Addy) returns home after a ten-year break with a painful past. She's hunting a kidnapper - and he's hunting her. Somehow Addy is connected to two women he's already taken, and he seems to always be one step ahead of her and the entire department. If his warnings come true, she'll be the final "princess" in his scheme. But just as he has his outside resources - Addy has (somewhat begrudingly) hers. Like Wyatt, the sexy man from her past. Not to mention her kick-ass cop skills.

There's enough plot twists in this book to keep your mind in constant action, and the final mystery leaves you guessing right up to the end. So well done.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to pick my jaw up off the floor and get to the bookstore. There are five Debra Webb books out there I don't own. Yet.

The Book In My Bag Today: The Midnight Club, James Patterson


  1. great review!
    this is a genre i pretty much never read, but now debra webb is on my TBR list!

  2. Wow! 'Near perfect?'

    Sounds like i need to go bookshopping too!

  3. I think I will take your word for it and get this one! Thanks for the review.


  4. Thanks Mi. I know it's sometimes weird to step out of genre, but this is a good one.

    Donna - it's in the stack for you. xo

    Lisa - you're welcome! I hope you love it.

  5. Ooo...this one sounds pretty good. Might have to go and get a copy for myself! :)

  6. Zombiemom darling, I mentioned I won two copies. One is, of course, yours :-)

  7. Going to be my first e-book purchase. It was the "smoking hot sex" that sealed the deal.

  8. wowww.. hahaha great review! not my typical genre but it's hard to resist such praise!

  9. RT - eep. I should clarify that there are only a "couple" of sex scenes...but they are VERY good.

    Tahereh - it was hard not to gush more. But I *am* a sucker for awesome craft.

  10. Great review. I love plot twists after plot twists in my thrillers.

  11. Ooo. That sounds like an awesome beach read. Suspense, suspense, suspense!