Monday, February 22, 2010

Patriotic muse

Jon Montgomery makes me proud to be Canadian.

Tears streamed down my face when I watched the gold medal skeleton racer leap to the podium after one of the most exciting event finishes of the 2010 Olympics - at least that I've seen. His enthusiasm was infectious - and so was his Canadian pride.

I've spent a lot of time across the border, honing my skills as a writer and networking with some amazing people in the publishing world. I can get caught up in it, you know, and sometimes dream of living in New York. But then I come home and I'm reminded of what it really means to live in the "true North strong and free."

Jon Montgomery is a patriot, and in all of his interviews, I've felt connected to him, somehow, as though the country has shrunk and he might have been my neighbour at some point. When he talks about Canada and what this gold medal means to him, his sexy eyes twinkle. He's easy-going, confident, friendly, a team player. And an excellent representative for this country. (Not to mention, easy on the eyes.)

His dedication - and patriotism - make him an easy choice for this week's muse, but it is perhaps another characteristic of familiarity, however unorthodoxed, that sealed the deal for me.

One of my critique partners is writing an incredible book featuring a sexy, laid-back, earthy guy by the name of Sebastien. She's an incredible writer, and when she finishes her novel I have no doubt women all over the world are going to tumble head over heels for Sebastien.

Every time Jon Montgomery came on my TV screen or popped up in the visual media, I couldn't shake this powerful feeling of familiarity - until it hit me: Jon Montgomery reminds me of Sebastien. The physical details aren't quite right, but even my crit partner admits his mannerisms are "spot on."

So as tribute to a hero - for this country and my crit partner's book - I'm thrilled to cast Jon Montgomery in this week's role of muse. Almost as excited as I am for my next crit meeting.

The Book In My Bag Today: Ceremony In Death, J.D. Robb


  1. Aw. *sniff* I'm not sure what to say, Dawn, except thanks for finding an avatar for my character. And the kind words. I didn't get to see the same video as you, but that you'd be able to identify the Gestalt of my character correctly gave me chills.