Friday, February 12, 2010

Huh...who would have thought?

Plotting is fun!

Not just brainstorming and writing it down, but actually sharing ideas with like-minded peeps who genuinely want you to put your best foot forward. No ulterior motives. No expectations. No spaz outs when an idea is rejected.

No strings attached.

Huh. I love it.

I've never considered myself a plotter. I fantasized about my characters leading the way, getting themselves into their own predicaments and saving themselves with just the slightest polishing touch of penmanship from me - author intrusion is a bad thing, no? In fact, despite several successful novelists steering me towards the "plot" vs "freeflow" method, I'd resisted its charm.

Perhaps because it never had any (charm that is) - until recently.

I think it's about the peeps. And wow, am I surrounded by some excellent ones. Not only have my writerly friends allowed me to spread my plotting wings, but they've jumped on for the full ride - filling my brain with endless, fabulous possibilities.

I'm having a blast.

And there's stationary. Lots and lots of stationary. Pens and highlighters, index cards, journals filled with research notes, pencils and erasers and paperclips...oh my!

I'm resisting the urge to plunge into the actual narrative just yet. The ideas are flowing and there's a few minor logistical details to iron out, but the scenes are (almost) writing themselves and the research to support and flush them out is falling into place.

Is this what I've been missing? Will plotting divert the evil writer's block at the 100 page mark? Or will this roadmap steer my muse off course?

Too early to tell - but it's been one heck of a fun ride so far.

PS - Hey Rockstar, recognize the road in this image? Just a few months away, my friend...

The Book In My Bag Today: Deeper than the Dead, Tami Hoag


  1. Woot! I was hoping the radio silence meant good things. :) It's probably going so well, though, because you were willing to pants it for a while and discover your character. You just might be a plotster in the end.

  2. If I have become a plotster it may be due to the safety I feel with my peers. I'd always fought it in the past, but maybe I've unlocked a productivity key?