Monday, January 25, 2010

Inspirational magic

Truth be told, my January muse avatars haven't been slam dunks. While they certainly fit the profile in many respects, they appear to be lacking in the inspiration department. And as the end of the month approaches, I can't say I've made much headway on any of my works in progress.

Criss Angel is about to change that.

I'm in need of a magician, a multi-talented illusionist to make me believe I CAN do this, while also stirring up some potent writerly mojo. So when Criss starred in last night's dream (performing magic, people, sheesh!), I couldn't help but take notice.

And of course he's the perfect choice.

If you've ever watched his show MindFreak, you'll know Criss is a risk taker. Adventurous sorts are good muses. He's also diverse, performing a variety of illusions in a variety of locations. Diversity is a strong muse characteristic. And he's an entrepreneur, which means I can hit him up for some advice about the launch of my new endeavor.

Oh, and he's hot.

Being that it's Monday and all, I figure it's time to get started. So for his first trick, I've asked Criss to make all of last week's crap...disappear.

The Book In My Bag Today: The Paris Vendetta, Steve Berry

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  1. Ha ha, I love the last line. And boy, I've had weeks like that. Hang in there, D. Thinking about you...