Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Book 3 - Bed of Roses

I was preparing for my own wedding when I read the first book in Nora Roberts' Bride Quartet series. Vision in White made me cry.

So did Bed of Roses.

Nora's bigger books - like Black Hills - have been hit or miss with me the last few years, but she always scores when she returns to her straight romantic roots. Bed of Roses has the classic romance genre set-up, with few deviations, and I'm okay with that. She's created characters I like and a story that tugs at my heart strings. And I love, love, love the environment -- four best friends who've creating a wedding planning business based on their individual talents.

Nora Roberts has talents too, many of which are on full display in this book. And even though she breaks a few "craft" rules, I don't seem to mind so much. As my mentor would suggest, breaking the rules is forgiven when your track record alone sells books. The number of novels Nora has produced - including the amazing J.D. Robb series - is staggering, and I might respect her for that alone, but I also fully appreciate her command on the genre and am happy to get lost in her words.

As always, with Nora's series, my biggest disappointment is simply waiting for the next book.

On the hunt for Book 4 in my 100 book challenge.

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