Monday, March 11, 2013

Why Feb didn't suck...and a thrilling muse

Although I made some pretty hefty New Year's resolutions and a promise to myself for accountability, my last blog post was February 12 - a whole month ago. That's about the last time I wrote any words of significance, too.

Not good.

Despite this, February - and the first couple weeks of March - did not suck. True, I wrote very few words of significance - in fact, when I count last week's meagre efforts, I'm just up to an even 50,000 for the year (that's not a coincidence, I ended last night right at that number so I could start fresh.)

But here's the thing. For the past two years, almost three hours of my weekday was spent driving. We lived out of the city, even though hubs and I have jobs IN the city, and while we enjoyed the peace of the country life, Alberta winters are long - and dangerous. Not to mention, the drive was a huge time suck, and significant cash/gas guzzler.

In February, we began the moving process and March 1, officially moved into our new home - in the city (a mere 20-minute drive to work). Yes, we lose the country, but our new back yard is like a forest, offering the feel of the country - and that's almost better. The house is brighter, with hardwood floors and tile throughout (easier to clean up after three dogs), and even though the yard is not fenced (yet...Spring project), an intricate path system provides ample walking room for the dogs.

I LOVE my new house. Love it. But moving is hard work. Unpacking and organizing is also hard work.

Which is why I didn't write.

I am today, though. This month, the first draft of Killer's Instinct MUST be completed. Judith Graves and I are working on that now. To reach my New Year's goal, I need to pump out 1525 words a day, every day, for the rest of the year. Let's be real. That's likely not going to happen. As February has taught me - life happens.

That doesn't mean I'm not going to try, though. I'm just going to cut myself some slack if the words don't all come at once. (Except this month...because yeah, I need about 25,000 words for March to finish Killer's Instinct.)

It also means I need a heavy duty muse avatar to push me in the right direction. Charlie Hunnam is just the guy for the job. Man, I miss Sons of Anarchy!

So, with muse avatar firmly in place, it's time to stop talking - and time to start writing. Onward!

Until next,
- Dawn

P.S. - February also didn't suck because despite missing my writing goal, my weight loss goal is well on track. Down 25 pounds since January 1. WHOOPA!

P.P.S. - February also didn't suck because illustrator extraordinaire James Grasdal and I finished the third canola book. It's a Blast launches in April. I can hardly wait to share this story with the kids.

2013 Resolutions Stats

Total words to date for 2013: 50,000

Total pounds lost to date for 2013: 25

Total books read to date for 2013: 6

Movies watched to date in 2013: 4


  1. I love the fact that you have reached a point in your life where, well as you put it, 'Life happens' and it doesn't send you in a downwards spiral in as far as goals go.
    Yeah. . I really really love that fact.
    Kudos, Sunshine and welcome to . . . Life :-)

    1. Balance - it's what I am striving for this year. I love that you know this about me, and recognize this is a BIG stretch. I just love you! xo

  2. Having to spend loads of time driving in a car can put the squeeze on other aspects of our life. It's hard to make everything fit when your time has been shortened.

    Oh, and BTW, I can not get passed that picture. Mmm....

    1. Thanks, honey. It's true - the difference in my time management (now that the house is unpacked) is incredible!

      Oh, and BTW, Jax (charlie) always gives me pause. And a lot of drool!

  3. My eyes just got seared by all that man flesh.

  4. Hey! Moving is tough. I know. But here's hoping you ease with unpacking, and it's great that you love your house! Yaay!

    You know, I saw that picture, and I thought that was Kalifornia-era Brad Pitt! :D <3