Monday, October 15, 2012

Revenge of the Muse

I've watched a lot of TV in the past two weeks, fresh shows (Arrow, Beauty and the Beast, and more!), old favorites (hello The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries!), and even a couple new-to-me series. After some deliberation, I've programmed the must-see-TV shows into my extensive PVR list and started weeding out the ones I really should let go if I want to get any actual writing done.

I'd planned a whole week's worth of posts devoted to Chicago Fire - lots of muse avatar potential on that show, let me tell you. I'll come back to this series eventually (especially since one of the stars has eyes that rival those of muse avatar favorite, Ian Somerhalder) but I'm making a last minute switch and assigning the muse role to Nick Wechsler of the show I'll be gushing about on tomorrow's TV Tuesday post, Revenge.

I'll save the review for tomorrow but I'd be happy to blabber about Nick right now. I'm totally hooked on his character, Jack. He isn't the leading man - though a case could be made that none of the guys on the show really are. Yet, he's the character I keep thinking more about.

Maybe it's the slow build of characterization, or the subtle way he seems to command the scene, even when it's not really his scene. It could be our emotional connection (yes, through the TV), and how my heart kind of aches for him, even though he's about to make a really silly move (I'm on episode 10 of the first spoilers, please.) Or heck, maybe it's just that he's so damn hot.

Regardless, there's something about him that keeps me coming back for...more.

With that kind of hold on me, there's no doubt Nick is a worthy choice for this week's muse avatar.

Happy Monday and have a great week.

- Dawn

The Book In My Bag Today: Carnival of Souls, Melissa Marr

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  1. OMG... Chicago Fire is ABLAZE with HOTTIES (pun SO intended), and Arrow-man, ahhhhh, that thing he does with the hanging from the bar and jumping the bar up the rails? OOOOOHHHH BABY, hotter than flames!