Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday Muse Avatar: Philip Phillips

I'm probably jynxing him right now, but I really want Philip Phillips to win this season of American Idol. My favorites never do. I picked James Durbin, and before that, Adam Lambert. If I could have, I'd have voted for this season's Colton Dixon...though in retrospect, I can appreciate Philip Phillips is the better talent of the two.

I held my breath during the top three elimination round and actually fist pumped when Philip advanced to the finals - last time one of my picks hit top two, Adam Lambert lost to...? I don't even remember. Didn't I hear Adam is going on tour with Queen this year? Just saying.

Odds are high the young, power vocalist Jessica Sanchez will win season 11. No question she's good - but Philip deserves it more.

When fashion guru Tommy Hilfigger advised the Idol contestants to ramp up their image, Philip stayed true to himself. When the judges razzed him for skipping the melody of certain classic songs, Philip shrugged off their advice, relying on America to "get" his artistic talent.

Wednesday night's final episode will determine if the voting public "gets" Philip. I already know I do.

Philip is a true artist. In a crowd of musical copycats, Philip is original. Unique. He doesn't conform to pop culture stereotypes, though I have no doubt his music would appeal to the masses. If you don't watch Idol and have no clue who Philip Phillips is, check out this cover of Volcano he performed two weeks ago.

Goosebumps, much?

Steven Tyler said it best: That's the kind of song I could listen to over and over again.

Me too.

Which is what I'll be doing this week as I cram in a whole bunch of cool writerly stuff - school presentations, a trip to Humbolt, SK to honour a Canadian car racing hero and launch Gotta Jet, plot outlines, and a lot of writing.

In fact, Volcano is on my playlist for a semi secret project that is nothing like anything I'm currently writing. Perhaps the most challenging thing of my career thus far. Exciting!

Philip may not win Idol, but he and his music have already found a place in my heart. A perfect muse avatar, don't you think?

Here's hoping one of my picks finally takes the title.

- Dawn

The Book In My Bag Today: Chasing Fire, Nora Roberts


  1. I'll be voting for Phillip. Jessica is all right, but Phillip has been my favorite since the top 24. :)

  2. I haven't been watching this season, but I've heard Phillip's name mentioned. I'll cross my fingers for you. :)