Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Block busting

Sometimes I whine about "the block."

I know approximately when it's going to happen - deadlines piling up, something "off" in my non-writing world, lack of time to create more than dinner. Combined, these factors lead to writerly procrastination, and eventually, the dreaded "block."

I've always considered "the block" an obstacle for creative people. I may have even suggested non-creative types wouldn't "get" it.

How arrogant of me!

After listening to me whine about "the block" yesterday, a dear, self-proclaimed non-creative friend reminded me that every career has elements of difficulty - tasks you haven't quite figured out how to complete, or icky jobs that leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth.

She's an accountant who loves her career, and the opportunity and challenge of making numbers dance. But that doesn't mean she doesn't get blocked - a statistics chart she hasn't quite figured out how to format, a series of equations that never quite add up, the desire to curl up with a good book instead of trucking it into the office.

Those are her blocks - no different than when I hit a plot snag, or can't quite hear my character's voice.

So what's her block-busting secret?

Just do.

Well crap. Who knew it would be so easy?

Thanks, Sue for listening to me whine - and then kicking my butt into gear.

- Dawn

The Book In My Bag Today: The Hypnotist, Lars Kepler


  1. Just do simple and yet so very effective.

  2. You know what? When I block. I stop. Usually means my brain is too full to be creative. I give myself a certain amount of time to have a break and then I do. :o) Hope you come out of it soon!

  3. Oh, yes, the blockage. I have that in writing and my day job, which consists of a lot of writing as well.

    And writing during the day sucks my creativity for my own writing, which blows.

    When I'm blocked, I take a walk, it always bring clarity.

  4. So true, Vicki. So true...

    I stop, too, Jess. I just tend to have trouble "starting" again. xo

    Megan, I used to run and that helped...maybe I should take that up again. I know what you mean about the day job including writing. Tough to get behind the computer again after a long day of staring at it.

  5. accountants get blocked??? You've GOT to be kidding. :D No, that's right! That's the best way I've found to get the mojo going... just doing it! Works w/other stuff, too~ ;p <3

  6. As Yoda would say, there is no try, only do!
    Visiting from Jessica's blog today.

  7. Jessica sent me. I came and I am now following.
    I'm not sure about blocks, but I do have plenty of obstacles in my way.

    Tossing It Out

  8. LTM - I know, I was shocked to hear about accountants as well. Who knew?

    Alex - Thanks for visiting - and for leaving us with Yoda's wisdom. I should totally have quoted him in the blog!

    Thanks for stopping by, Lee. Heading over to check out your blog...