Monday, September 12, 2011

In anticipation of the muse

Don't even get me started about last night's finale of True Blood. I'm as undecided about it as I was many of the story lines throughout the season.

One thing I DO know is that I'm going to be waiting a heck of a long time for another dose of Eric. I may have to return to the books to tide me over - or start watching the series again.

Thankfully, my other muse-worthy vampire is back this week. The season premiere of Vampire Diaries airs this Thursday, and I can't wait. In addition to getting my weekly fill of IAN SOMERHALDER (Damon), I'm also guaranteed some one-on-one time with my stepdaughter.

We've actually bonded over our Salvatore brother rivalry.

As far as Mondays go, this one hasn't been great (and it's still early...) Very little writing happened over the weekend, which means I'm behind. Shocker, I know.

Here's hoping Ian can help me get over Eric (ha!) and excel at his job as muse avatar. Should be a piece of cake - he's been cast in this role so many times he could do it with his eyes closed. Personally, I hope he keeps them open. He has amazing eyes.

- Dawn

The Book In My Bag Today: The Hypnotist, Lars Kepler


  1. I haven't watched Vampire Dairies in years. I stopped when they switched the time and I forgot to check when it was on. I'm going to start watching it again this week . . . depending on what time it's on.

  2. Yes. Somerhalder's come a long way... And why are they on Thursday! That totally clashes w/my Office-30 Rock block. mbrrr... :D <3

  3. Kris is walking around mad that she has to wait till 2012 for True Blood. She's hooked
    line and

    Meanwhile, I still can't do the vampire thing.

  4. STINA - I think it's on Thursday at 9:00. I think I enjoy it more because I watch it with my stepdaughter. It's our bonding time.

    LTM - I never paid attention to IAN in Lost, but for me it steals the show. I'm grateful VD is not on at the same time as Jersey Shore. Not that *I* watch JS, but my teen does and it's conceivable she'd fight me for the single TV. <3

    Jamie - True Blood is a different kind of vamp...and I didn't think I'd like it. I love it. The eye candy doesn't hurt either. It's grittier than the pop culture vamp stuff. That said, I still love VD. Mostly because of Ian :-D

  5. I too am undecided about the True Blood finale. I hope you get this reference, (knowing you - you will!) but I felt like the whole Sookie choosing to be alone was a total 90210 moment. When Kelly didn't choose Brandon or Dylan. She chose herself. Yawn.

  6. RANDOM - Oh! I totally agree. When I was a teen, the infamous Rob Lowe poster (Rob in the white wife beater) hung on my bedroom door...for a very long time.

    SUZANNE - I adore you. I totally agree! Of course I was on team Dylan (this will not surprise you). I think when a character chooses "neither" it's almost a cop though the writers are worried about alienating one "team." Seriously, I'll accept if Sookie wants to be an idiot and choose Bill, but make it believable...and don't cop out!