Monday, August 22, 2011

Alpha muse

Aside from being a great source of inspiration for what *can* be done with book and TV series cross-overs, True Blood is a buffet of hot muse avatar options.

I almost always choose Eric...because let's face it, Alex Skarsgard is impressive, whether he's being good or bad. He's made my avatar list almost as many times as Ian Somerhalder...and that's saying a lot.

But lately I've been seeing a lot of Alcide - Bon Temps' hottest werewolf - on the cover of several men's muscle magazines. And heck, why not? His abs (and arms, and shoulders, and...) are nothing to sneeze at.

Plus, he's got that rugged kind of look, ideal for this week's writerly motivation. I've got some tough revisions ahead, which means getting back to basics and unearthing the root of the story. Somehow in my quest for the "right" word pairings, I lost sight of the simple things.

Like identifying a clear antagonist. Oy.

If I have to rely on someone to steer me back on track, Joe Manganiello is a good choice. Unless of course he distracts me...

- Dawn

The Book In My Bag Today: The Hypnotist, Lars Kepler


  1. Oh oh ... does this have anything to do with the Thriller I read?

  2. JESS - nope. My short story. Sigh.

    JESS2 (ha) - Agree!

    MEGAN - any time ;-)

  3. Alcide is stupid hot. Sizzling hot. Jalapeno hot. Hot, hot, HOT!!!