Tuesday, March 22, 2011

"Dawn"ing my superman cape for Crash and Mars

You'd think "Living with Crash and Mars" would be a full-blown 3D event, but I'm flat-out tired after spending most of last night chasing the 102.3 Now Radio hosts halfway around the city.

In a case of mistaken identity, Crash and Mars found themselves tossed into a cardboard recycling container - the cut-outs are actually coroplast. Who knew?

I had no choice but to climb in and rescue them, but the experience must have put Mars in shock. She didn't say a word to me ALL day.

No sooner did I drag their skinny butts out of the recycling bin than did they try to fly the coop. Again.

Listening to them on the radio, I'd never have guessed they'd be so...flighty. 

I tucked them into the backseat to keep an eye on them, threatening that if they didn't stay put, I'd crush them, along with my pop cans, milk cartons and other recyclable goods. I must not have used enough force in my voice, because Mars convinced Crash to check out the MyTech Framing crew who are building a training centre for autistic children on the West End.

Since my charity of choice is the Young Alberta Book Society, and MyTech is clearly working on a project geared for kids, I couldn't get too upset. So, I decided to work out my frustrations at the gym.

Sadly, despite my best efforts to cheer on the dynamic radio duo, I had to carry them for most of the racquetball game.

And it was like their feet were stuck to the pedals or something during Spin class. 

Byt the time the night was over, I was grateful for their continued silent treatment. Something tells me it's going to be a long 10 days. *sigh*

- Dawn

Hey! Want to win a FREE signed book? Head over to the Young Alberta Book Society website and look up the author featured in the last picture. E-mail dawnmius@gmail.com a "fact" about her and you could win a copy of The Hippie House.

The Book In My Bag Today: Radiant Shadows, Melissa Marr


  1. Wow those two are a handful! hahaha. Very nice of you to read to them after all they put you through.

  2. Buwahahahahahaha! Get busy for a couple days and look what I miss! Too funny! Hope your adventure doesn't get too old!

  3. Tim Hortons, Dawn? I'm disappointed in you!! :p

  4. VICKI: I know, right? The things we do to promote the importance of literacy!

    HART - Old? Nah. Maybe a bit stale... xo

    MEAGHAN - Uh, starving writer. Your coffee of choice is much harder on the pocket book...plus, it's right next to my work :-D

  5. Keep up the great work! Those two get around.

  6. Love the rearview mirror photo!!

  7. Me too! This whole thing cracks me up. Will I get to meet them tonight?

  8. I note you posted at 5:34 am, Dawn. Is it the company you keep that gives such energy - or all those good Alberta books you read?!

  9. "I had to carry them for most of the racquetball game...". Love it!

  10. JESSICA - :-D YOu know I love to have fun.

    MARTY - Thanks, Marty. The DO get around - and they'll be seeing you on Saturday!

    Thanks, ANON!

    DONNA - Absolutely. Maybe you can have dinner with us!

    CAROLYN - a little of both. Hard to sleep when you're surrounded by such talented Alberta authors like yourself.

    JUDITH - I love that you get me :-)

  11. Will they be ready to work on some great writing with the talented kids of Edmonton? Should authors pick them up if we see them hitch hiking on the way to Story Avenue?