Monday, August 2, 2010

An aMUSEing likeness

Like many writers I know, I fantasize about my books becoming movies. Yes, I understand the odds are even slimmer than actual publishing statistics but as my former teacher used to say: Dream big or go home.

Over the years I've juggled dozens of potential actors for various characters in my novels. Like Robert DeNiro as Nico (ha!) and Angelina Jolie for...well, actually, I think she's been cast in several roles, including muse avatar. (I totally want to be Lara Croft...)

Often I'll see a new actor and recast the character's role in my book, not changing physical characteristics but rather envisioning how that particular performer would mold themselves to fit the profile of the character I've written. Dream big, remember?

But ever since I started writing Absolution (and let's not go into that, shall we?) I've truly considered only one actor for the role: Paul Bettany.

I first fell in love with Paul in A Knight's Tale, where he played a mighty funny - and sexy - Chaucer. I've watched the movie more than a dozen times and always swoon. It's a combination of his voice and his face - and a certain kind of swagger I'm at a loss for words to describe.

I immediately pegged him for Mario - one of Absolution's truly evil characters. In the first two drafts of the novel, Mario played a small-ish part. But over the years, his role has grown substantially. He's handsome and smart, a bit sarcastic, and definitely obsessive. Mario is also deeply troubled, unable to shake his tragic past.

I considered taking Paul off duty - and even briefly (gasp) replaced him with Ian Somerhalder. But despite my (cough) huge celebrity crush on Ian, he isn't the right muse avatar for Mario. The scenes I did revise while on a brief (I swear!) Paul hiatus feel flat. The voice doesn't sound right. Something's missing.

Paul is missing.

I'm on the home stretch of the revisions for Absolution and it's the Mario scenes that require the most work. With that in mind, it seems logical - even destined - that Paul Bettany should reacquaint himself with his duties as muse avatar this week.

And perhaps I'll start the day off by watching A Knight's Tale. Strictly for research purposes, of course.

The Book In My Bag Today: Dead Sea, Brian Keene


  1. enJOY your! He is an incredible actor. He was great in "Beautiful Mind"..., too~

  2. Was Bettany the actor in Wimbledon with Kirsten Dunst?

  3. I know my writings have a slim chance of becoming a screenplay that actually gets the green light. But a movie of my life? I have been casting that for years!!! Cheers

  4. Thanks Ellie, I will! I think I would have loved Beautiful Mind if not for that "Crowe" guy - so not a fan! I loved Bettany in DaVinci Code as well.

    Wendy - yep. I'd forgotten about that movie. I'm sometimes surprised with all of the movies he has been in that I haven't seen. Bad fan girl.

    SM - slim but not impossible, my dear. So...who would star as you in the movie of your life? (You left me with such a cliffhanger there!) Hugs.

  5. Well everyone needs to research *cough*


    i do research all the time


  7. LOL@Candy and Tahereh. One can never do enough research :-0

  8. Robert DeNiro as Nico?


  9. Donna -you just made my heart thump. Thank you <3

  10. Yes! Dream big or go home!

    I should start thinking more like you...