Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Let me hear your body talk

There's a considerable amount of chatter going on between my muscles today. My abs are doing their usual day-after-dance protest, and my thighs are in competition with my shoulders for who can complain the loudest.But overnight a new muscle has gone from whispering to screaming - making it uncomfortable to sit this morning.

Quite literarly, Jessica worked my butt off at Fit Hop last night.

I'd love to boast that after two weeks of Fit Hop Flop I'd mastered the steps and could pop it like the best of them, but in the haze of a busy day, I forgot Jessica was going to switch it up a bit.

Actually, she switched it up a lot.

Not just with a new routine, but a whole different style of hip hop.

Dance Hall.

Go ahead. Google it. Got an image?

Now erase it. Class wasn't anything like that.

Just when I thought I'd figured out how to make my hips "pop" without looking seriously ridiculous, Jessica took away the "pop." Dance Hall requires a smoother motion - less jerky, more sexy. The steps are a little Latin dance-ish, with the occasional "pop" for effect. (Marking the only spot I could truly keep up.) The new routine includes only one move I'm familiar with - a scoop, scoop, chest pop step - and even that one felt out of step.

Never mind the whole African dance free-style motion introduced at the end of a complex series of unfamiliar moves. I'd been flailing my arms for almost two songs before I finally figured out I shouldn't be waving them in the air, but rather swaying them in front of me as though doing the limbo after a couple of margaritas.

Maybe next time I'll try the margaritas first.

In the comfort of my living room, of course. Because there is NO way I'll be grooving out my shaky Dance Hall moves while waiting for the bus (nice try, Jess) or shimmering my booty like J-Lo down the grocery aisle. Ha!

I'm not going to lie. Dance Hall threw me for a loop - a giant, hip circling loop. I focused really hard on the basic step, making sure to push rather than pull my leg into a side step. I even figured out how to move my arms. And I didn't actually get lost until AFTER the front step (right, hip pop, left, hip pop) lesson - because then Jessica added "different" arms.

Progress, right?

Absolutely. But here's something better. When I crawled (yes, crawled) out of bed this morning, plugging my ears against the chatter of my aching muscles, I pulled on a pair of pants that felt...looser. And the shirt I'd been yanking over my love handles last week slid a little easier over a tank top that wasn't turning me into a sausage today.

I haven't changed my (bad) eating habits, and other than dance three times a week, I haven't exercised. So, could my body be changing already?

Good question -- and a conversation I'll have with my muscles when they're in a better mood.

The Book In My Bag Today: Kindred in Death, J.D. Robb


  1. Ha! I can soooo relate. Eastie is the queen of all things booty-riffic. I need: margaritas, mojitos or martinis to loosen up that much! And yes, if you perspired up a storm and called a lot of muscles into action, you could be a tad slimmer in the morning. Hope the pain wears off!! -Westie

  2. It's true!

    Having seen you today I can testify. You HAVE lost weight. And you look great.
    Guess I better get my butt in gear and go.

  3. Check you out! Loose pants and no sausage tank tops! Woohooo! I sooo wish I could take these classes with you. You're very inspiring.

    I really admire how gutsy you are for trying all these new crazy dances. I only dance in the dark.

  4. Thanks Westie! I'm thinking a little afternoon therapy might do the trick...until SALSA BURN tonight :-)

    Awww, thanks Donna. You had me blushing at your compliments earlier. I do feel better...about my weight. LONG way to go before I can dance up a storm. Hope to see you tonight.

    Suzanne - truly, Jessica is a great motivator, and she helps with SOME of the fear. I'll still only mostly dance in the dark, but I do feel a little looser with my movements. And the looser pants is a HUGE bonus. I wish you could take the classes with me as well! Thank you for your encouragement. Hugs.

  5. Ummmm what do you mean you aren't exercising??? Dance is exercise! LOL You burn between 500-750 calories per class, so at 3 times a week that would be over 2000 calories, so yes in two weeks you could have lost a pound or two. I think you should bump it up to 4 days a week (I know Liesa would love it if you came to her Salsa Burn on Monday).If you came 4 days a week I think we could have you down a dress size by the end of the summer and who knows how much we can accomplish before Christmas.

    Let's get your measurements done girl, as dancing is also going to reshape and tone your body. And let's talk food. I do not believe in diets (sorry anything that has the word "die" in it cannot be sustainable). Let's help you make some lifestyle changes! Love your bravery and your perseverance! You are inspiring a lot of people to come out of their comfort zone! You are the one who is motivational! Mwah!

  6. Whoops! Slip of the tongue there, Jess. I didn't mean that dance wasn't exercise - as I can attest to by the litres of sweat dripping off me each class - but rather dance was my only form of exercise and for those who may not have seen it as exercise would look at it differently, as I have.

    Since I'm ALL about challenges this year, sure, I'll add a fourth class to the schedule (gulp) and let you take my measurements. If I am, indeed, down a dress size come end of summer, I'll take you for a fruity drink on a patio off Whyte :-)


  7. I can't believe the variety you're getting there. You'll never get bored at this rate! Keep up the awesome!

  8. Vicki - the variety is definitely keeping me motivated. Every night, I'm a little nervous - my body / mind is resistant to change so I *fear* what's in store. But I always go home with a smile. That's important. And, tonight I even WROTE. Thanks for the support :-)

  9. YES! It's amazing what a little excersise can accomplish. I started doing cardio kickboxing in May and only after two weeks, I noticed my arms were less saggy- the muscles in my legs more defined and my pudge stomach looked a little less...pudge. Even three times a week makes a difference.

  10. CQG - I LOVE kickboxing! I used to go to this amazing club. After an hour and a half I could barely drag myself home. Yay for you!!

  11. See? Told ya you'd loosen up those Italian hips of yours.
    Congrats@ the poppin' and keep it shakin'

  12. yay for progress!
    both in losing weight AND getting better on the dance floor (because i know even though you feel sometimes you have two left feet, you are indeed getting better).

  13. Jamie - awww. THANKS. xo

    Mi - You should come visit my two left feet :-D And as always, thank you. xo