Monday, July 12, 2010

Book 38 - Haunted

I'm almost certain I could sum up my thoughts on Haunted by writing: Kelley Armstrong rocks, read this book.

Of the 38 novels I've read since January 2010, a good portion of them have been by Armstrong. Thanks Karen and Jeff for introducing me to Bitten (grin). This is the fifth in the Women of the Otherworld series, and next to Bitten, my favourite.

As always, the writing is spectacular, creating the illusion that I'm living the protagonist's life. Not a bad deal when the protagonist is Eve Levine, half-demon, black witch and now ghost.  Eve has a sexy love life, and can't be killed again - which is perfect since she's amassed a number of enemies over the years.

But when she is tasked by the Fates with capturing an evil spirit known as the Nix, Eve's comfortable life takes a dangerous turn. And suddenly Eve has an opportunity to have everything she thought she wanted - though not without sacrifice.

I've been thinking a lot about sacrifice lately. I'm hitting crunch time for deadlines and can't seem to buckle down with the actual pen-to-paper required to take the WIP over the finish line. Muse avatars help, learning to dance is making a difference, and working for a literacy organization that hosts awesome youth writing camps is definitely inspiring. But am I willing to sacrifice some of my creature comforts to truly work toward my dream?

Good question - and one that lingers without answer even as Eve makes her choice and I close the cover on another amazing Otherworld tale.

Armstrong's books have a way of always making me ponder the big questions. Like sacrifice, but also whether I've got the chops - and belly fire - to make a living at this. My heart says yes, even when my brain plays devil's advocate.

What remains clear, always, is that I have much to learn. With Armstrong as my instructor, the answers to my haunting questions become a little less fuzzy.

If you've not read Bitten, start there. I dare you to try not to make it to Haunted.

The Book In My Bag Today: Kindred in Death, J.D. Robb


  1. Really?
    You loved it that much? I just finished it too, and while i liked it, it felt like it dragged on a little to long for me.....Then again, maybe that's because I wanted to read 'Dimebag' Darrell Abbott so badly.(I'll bring it to our next critique meeting)
    Also, as your critique partner I can tell you-You have the stuff to do this for a living, believe me! Maybe we just need to break out the whip....

  2. Someone once told me that anything worth it in this life is rarely easy.
    We all have fear. It's what we do with it that matters.
    Give in to it and it's paralyzing.

  3. Donna - Awww. Thanks, hon. As for the book, yes, I really did like it that much but I'm such a huge Armstrong fan that I tend to ignore if the book lags a bit. I do understand the draw of a "fresh new book" in the TBR pile, though.

    Jamie - wise words :-) Sometimes it's SO much easier to give in to the fear, though, isn't it? Sigh.

  4. um, yeah, armstrong is pretty awesome.

    i think i need to check this book out asap.

  5. Ooo! Who am I to resist a dare! They sound like great books.

    And regarding whether or not you have what it takes, that's up to you. ;)

  6. Haven't heard of these yet! What would I do without you Dawn??:)

  7. my friend just asked me if i've read any kelley armstrong.
    i think the universe is telling me i need to start reading her right away.

  8. Tahereh - I'd love to know what you think!

    Suzanne - now that I know you can't resist a dare (insert evil laugh)... xo

    CQG - it would just take you longer to find them :-) (But sincerely, I DO hope you read and enjoy them.)

    mi - great books to take on a plane, like when traveling to, let's say, Europe :-)