Monday, July 12, 2010

Captivating muse

There are weeks I struggle for a muse avatar - and then some days the answer is so clear it all but knocks me out. Adrian Glynn is a prime example.

Never mind the fact that he vaguely looks like Ian Somerhalder (though admittedly not in the pictures I could find online) but the sheer depth of his creative talent is muse-inspiring.

Among other things, Adrian plays the "triangle thing" (balalaika) in a band called The Fugitives, a Canadian group of talented musicians and spoken word poets.

Although the entire band could probably pull off muse-avatar duty this week, I've given the job to Adrian for obvious - and some not so obvious - reasons.

I had the pleasure of watching The Fugitives perform at WordsWorth, the Young Alberta Book Society's camp for youth who love to write. Like everyone else, I was blown away.

There are people who are meant to perform, folks who possess a certain star quality that seems to erupt on the stage. Adrian is definitely one of those people.

He commands the stage, filling it with his presence - and in turn, making girls of all ages swoon. It isn't just his style, or the sexiness of his genuine smile, or even how his eyes twinkle with mischief under the dim lights. It's in everything he does.

Adrian's voice is magical, his expertise with instruments brilliant. (Not only has he mastered the "traingle thing" he also plays a mean harmonica and has a piano credit on the band's latest CD - for two days AFTER the performance, Adrian's "joke" words to that brief piano interlude were sung at Kamp Kiwanis by awe-struck youth...and, um, adults.)

Plus, he's a nice guy.

By the end of the night, I was itching to write - a clear signal of Adrian's muse avatar qualifications. (So yeah, I bought the Team Triangle Thing t-shirt and asked him to sign it.)

Yes, I'm well aware I'll likely be sharing my muse avatar with a contingent of young writers, but I'm quite certain there's enough of Adrian to go around. And I have a secret weapon - an original copy of Aladdin. I hear he's a big fan...

PS - The Fugitives are on tour. Check them out on iTunes, CD or YouTube. Go now!

The Book In My Bag Today: Haunted, Kelley Armstrong


  1. i'm so happy you were so inspired to write!
    my muses have been distracting me and not inspiring me at all (well, they HAVE been inspiring me, but to do other things than write).

    i will definitely be checking the fugitives out. lord knows i will need something to turn to in december!

  2. Awww sweetie. My heart broke a little for you, Mi. The Fugitives will likely NOT replace your European hotties, but hopefully their unique style will make you smile.

  3. Hi Dawn,
    I will keep this in mind when I finish my MS. It's taking forever!

    Thanks for stalking me. It keeps me on my toes and knowing that people are looking for new material on the blog. I'll be choosing some random topic for tomorrow, not sure what yet.

    Hopefully I can post more than once this week. ;)

  4. G - I completely understand about MS taking forever... Wishing you good "the end" vibes. Thanks for the follow :-)

  5. Sounds like it was a great couple of days on several front. Creative,work and the eye candy front.
    Enjoy using your muse this week. :-)

  6. Indeed, Jamie, an all-around inspiring weekend. I shall enjoy :-) xo

  7. Well, the fugitives certainly are muse-worthy aren't they. Thanks for sending me their direction, I'd never heard of them before. :)