Saturday, July 31, 2010

Book 40 - Wicked Lovely

One of the greatest things about this 100 Books in 2010 challenge has been discovering new authors. In Melissa Marr, I've absolutely found a keeper.

Wicked Lovely is a dark and beautiful faery tale. Marr has created a world that is haunting and vivid - and so enticing. I want to live among the Pointy-Faces, or at least be able to see through their glamour as Aislinn does.

Aislann, however, seems immune. Gifted (or cursed) with the Sight, she has "seen" faeries all of her life, though they walk hidden in the mortal world. Guided by three important (and life-saving) rules, she has learned to ignore them. She knows better than to stare at invisible faeries, or speak to them, even when she hears their whispered taunts. And she knows never to run, for if she does, they will only take up chase.

Most importantly, Aislann understands she must never attract a faerie's attention.

Except that Aislann does. And Keenan is no normal member of the fey. He is the Summer King in search of his Queen - and his pursuit is relentless. Few mortals have resisted his ethereal pull, his unwavering charm and ridiculous good looks. Until Aislinn.

She does not love Keenan, nor does she fall willingly into his arms. Her heart already belongs to someone - a mortal she is not prepared to give up. (And frankly, I don't blame her. Seth is beautiful - and real - in a way Keenan could never be.)

In a seemingly never-ending sea of supernatural-ish young adult novels, Wicked Lovely is surprisingly fresh. The author captivated me from first the epilogue with its chilling premonitions, and then with the opening chapter. The details create incredible atmosphere. So much so that I read the first two chapters out loud to two separate friends, encouraging them each to buy the book. Immediately. I stand by that recommendation 328 pages later.

I am in awe of the author's skill, and in love with her faery world. Each night when I reluctantly closed the book, I thought of Aislinn's faeries. Marr's descriptions leapt from the page and into my dreams...and several of my nightmares. Wicked Lovely is both haunting and riveting.

I've no doubt Ink Exchange, the next book in this series, will have jumped to the top of my TBR list.


  1. WOW.

    Another great post, Dawn. I feel like running out and buying the book. I tomorrow I might. :)

  2. Thanks Donna. You're welcome to borrow mine if you like. It's a bit beaten up, but the first one is HARD to find in Edmonton. I just went searching for the second. No dice :-( Sigh.

  3. I just ran out and bought a copy of this book....I found it at the Chapters on the west end where we have our critique meetings. They got LOTS of her stuff, but she's at the back of the store in the teen fiction section.

  4. That's awesome. I hope you like it as much as I did :-0

  5. Great review Dawn thanks. I don't know where you get time to read 100 books! You are frawsome (freaking awesome!).

  6. Jan - thanks but don't bow yet. I might not make it through 100 books...I've fallen WAY behind.