Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A muse worth casting

I'm not a casting agent, but I love casting the lead characters in each of my novels. Hey, you never know. Some director/producer type might fall in love with a story, turn it into a movie or TV series and pose this question: Who do YOU see in the role of...? (It could happen...heck, it might even happen in Banff next week...)

I bet I could rattle off an answer for almost every character. My brain just does that...turns everything I write into a movie or television show - dream big or not at all, my mentors always say.

For Nic Bazzano, the sexy hero in the HEARTLESS series featuring Jagger Valentine, I picture James Purefoy.

I first fell for James in the movie A Knight's Tale, where he excelled in the role of the Dark Prince. I'm not sure who the perfect actress play Jagger is, but in my mind, James is all Nic - sexy, rugged, romantic.

It's a big week for HEARTLESS. My awesome writing partner (and award-winning screenwriter) Judith Graves/Tracy Belsher and I are heading to the Banff World Media Festival to pitch several individual and team script/screenplay projects. Among them, HEARTLESS. (Which is pretty much all I can say about that right now...grin.)

But perhaps more importantly, the finish line on Jagger's first novel is within sight. It's close, my friends. Really close.

However, I think I'll need to lean on James to carry me all the way. Welcome to the role of Muse Avatar, Mr. Purefoy. As payment, when some producer/director/network exec in Banff asks Who do you see in the role of Nic Bazzano? my answer will be more than ready.

- Dawn

The Book In My Bag Today: 50 Shades of Grey, E.L. James

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