Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Nobody puts SUEzy-Q or me in a corner

Sue didn't threaten me once during Salsa Burn at J'Adore Dance last night. She didn't give me the evil eye, or mutter about how much she hates me under her breath. She didn't even swipe at me during the meringue.

And yet, she had more than enough reason to.

Yesterday was a tough day, friends. Emotional. Frustrating. A living, breathing plethora of professional and personal absolute crap. At 4:30 p.m., I'd decided to skip dance in favour of a hot bubble bath, a good book, and a bottle of wine to drown the drama. By 5:00 - after the water was drawn and my new Wicked Lovely book open - I'd changed my mind.

Not just about going to dance. But about a lot of stuff in my life.

I've let "familiarity" comfort me for a long time. Fear of the unknown, as cliche as it sounds, has often suffocated me, chaining me to the status quo. I'm a sucker for "the cycle" because in the end, the relationship/friendship settles into some kind of "norm" - if only for a day/week/month.

But what is normal?

In a simple example, normal for me is to race to J'Adore twenty minutes before class starts to ensure I get my place at the very back of the room, hopefully behind two rows of ladies (or occasional guy) so I can't see myself in the mirror. I prefer to be slightly behind the instructor so I can half-ass follow along. Placement is important.


Last night, Sue and I arrived at Salsa Burn twenty minutes early, but when we strolled onto the floor, we didn't beeline it for the back row. We chose - gulp - the front, with me right. next. to. Meaghan.

So maybe it doesn't sound like a big deal. But let's go back 14 pounds and six months ago to this. I've come a LONG way, baby.

My cha cha is far from Naughty Princess status, and Meaghan's combo - with those tap, tap hop and amazing dreadful Suzy-Q steps confused the eff out of me - BUT *deep breath* no mirrors were broken in this front row dance experiment.

And there are a LOT of mirrors at J'Adore.

Truthfully, the butterflies in my tummy only lasted for the first ten minutes. By then, Sue and I were making faces at each other in the mirror, and I'd stopped obsessing about my bad - really bad - hair day and puffy crybaby eyes.

For an hour of Burn - and 15 minutes of, er, some strange pelvic mind exercises designed to make life in the bedroom more fun (you blushing yet, Meaghan?) - I stepped out of my comfort zone. I'm stupidly proud of both myself and Sue.

Not to worry though, normalcy returned just as class ended. Sue threatened the end of our friendship if there was a single "Suzy-Q" in this blog. (Not my fault, Sue-ber - Meaghan named that damn step!) I'm not worried - anyone willing to shake it in the front row with me isn't taking our friendship lightly (grin).

Oh - and before you get any ideas, Jess. There will be NO front row appearance at Fit Hop tonight. One step at a time, sunshine.

So how about you? What have you done - personally or professionally - to step out of your comfort zone lately? Did you reap the rewards or scare yourself silly? 

The Book In My Bag Today: Radiant Shadows, Melissa Marr


  1. Love this! Good for you my dear! And if it makes you feel any better when I saw you briefly after class I thought your hair looked cute, you are rocking the new do!

    As funny as it sounds I have been stepping out my comfort zone personally and professionally by stepping back. It is really hard for me, but I am finally surrounded by a team I trust completely and taking some time to enjoy life (I also think I got over the ego thing of thinking only I can do everything the "right" way LOL).

    The other thing that I'm doing that scares me is my blog. It is pubic place for my thoughts on things I am very passionate about and that can be very scary (especially since I am a people pleaser and want people to like it!).

    Can't wait to see you at Fit Hop! We are doing Old School tonight! Yay!

  2. Good for you! I admire you for doing all that dancing. I'm a terrible dancer. No rhythm at all. There's no way I'd what you do. That's one comfort zone I'll never step out of.

    And I don't know what I've done lately to step out of my comfort zone. I'll have to get on that. Except not by dancing. ;)

  3. I've done Zumba before and that's wayy out of my comfort zone.

  4. I'm with Suzanne. I pretty much got laughed out of ballroom dancing class . . . along with my boyfriend (and eventual husband). That's when I knew we were meant to be. ;)

  5. Good for both of you! I used to love the front row, back when I was... in better shape. Now I'm sure I woulnd't be brave enough. Definitely good for you though, to push yourself, and that front row will keep you honest, so you'll get more from it.

  6. JESS - as someone who tends to put their EVERYTHING into whatever they do, I completely understand how "stepping back" = "stepping out of comfort zone. I am PROUD of you for this. Seriously. I know what you put into your family, your business, your friends, and your clients. You need to take time for the awesomeness that is YOU.

    SUZANNE - I'm a terrible dancer. Still. But I AM having fun.

    WW - I REALLY want to try Zumba, but it interferes with my dance schedule :-)

    Stina - my hubby won't dance. Ever. Should I be worried?

    Hart - thank you <3