Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Better late than never aMUSEment

Who is this?

No clue. *shrug*

Some random hot guy... No really, I Googled "random hot guy" and his picture came up.

What I do know is that I'm late picking a muse avatar for the week, and without one, I have no idea how I'll plow through the mountain of projects on my to-do list.

"The End" is never really the end is it?

*le sigh*

So I beg you, random hot guy, to please inspire me to write well this week. To aim those piercing eyes at my to-do list and light it on fire with desire (wow, cheesy!) enthusiasm and energy.

And yeah, could you also babysit my new characters while I go back and tinker with Cait / Nico / Mario / et al just one more time.

K, thanks.

The Book In My Bag Today: Another One Bites the Dust, Jennifer Rardin


  1. Random muses now? Lol!

    Maybe you can borrow my latest inspiration. His name is Amir Derakh. The band is Dead before Sunrise. Note the lead singer is from Linkin Park.

  2. Sigh. Had no time to find someone more appropriate. LOL
    So, I Googled Amir. CUTE. Is Linkin Park defunct now? I love Linkin Park...

  3. It's amazing what comes up on Google! He does have piercing eyes!

  4. Great distraction. At least now you have an excuse for maybe not being as productive. Cheers!

  5. I'd never have thought to Google "random hot guy" - not too shabby, Google!

  6. For the record, I don't think this guy's so random. I mean, if hot guys are this random, you'd think I'd see one like this frequently...which I don't...which is disappointing. So thanks!

  7. Yummy thank you from my sex drive (because I could not figure out how to spell labbito??).

    Can you bring him to dance class this week? Please and thank you?

  8. Ugh. Yes. That's the sound I make every time I open up your wednesday post. ALong with some drool. Keep em comin! (ps- I ordered wicked lovely! Hasn't come in yet but I'm looking forward to it!)

  9. SM - Maybe too distracting?

    Belle - not too shabby at all! Thanks for stopping by...

    WW - you're aMUSEd. I can tell :-)

    Wendy - I agree. Google has a skewed impression of "random"

    Jess - I'll ask him. But he's heard of the torture you put your dancers through and while he looks tough, he's really just a teddy bear inside :-D

    Creepy - Yay for weekly drool! Yay for order Wicked Lovely. You have to tell me what you think when you're finished!

  10. random hot guy can take care of ME any day! Holy COW! I bet he'd look good rolled in sand and drinking margaritas from my belly button...

  11. LMAO@ Hart. I would never have imagined using him in such a way. I bow to your creative energy. Random guy is quite inspiring for you!

  12. These posts about your latest muse are my faves!! Always makes me laugh...And we don't need to know his name anyway right?! *Cracks whip* ;p

  13. SS - names are over rated. I agree! (Nice to see you again. Been missing your sassy self :-)