Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The answer to all life's problems is... Dance, of course

It's only been a few months since Jessica invited me to J'Adore Dance. Just three months since I laughed at the very thought of "popping" it to Britney or trying to draw out my inner hawtness.

Surely not enough time to master the steps or even feel comfortable in my new dance skin.

But as I prepare (two hours early!) for a marathon of dance night (Dance Quickie, Salsa Burn, Bollywood...oh my!), I'm astonished to realize just how much dance - or perhaps simply J'Adore Dance - has infected every part of my life.

And how it seems to be the answer to all of life's ups and downs these days.

No time for friends? Why not invite them to dance? Tonight, Carrie and Donna will be joining me for our first Dance Quickie session with LIESA. Jamie and I will be burning up the floor during KASHA's Salsa torture. And at Bollywood...well, that will just be me. And, ahem, instructor LUKE.

Looking for a creative way to spend time with your child? Drag her along to Fit Hop so she can laugh at learn with you! Added bonus, she can help you plot your evil revenge when JESSICA leaves you dying and helpless on the dance floor.

Need new ways to spice up your love life? Bring out your inner hottie (or maybe your outer hottie) to Naughty Hotties. And then go home to demonstrate, of course. 

Searching for creative inspiration? Dance your way to clear thinking. Or at least comedic relief. (And, um, reminisce about the days Kevin Bacon danced his way into your heart...)

Lacking confidence? Immerse yourself in an environment that encourages safety and fun. Dance like no one is watching. And ignore the blasted mirrors!

Wondering how to make a difference in the world? Donate diapers to help J'Adore Dance reach it's goal of raising 10,000 diapers for the Edmonton Food Bank's Every Little Bottom Diaper Campaign. The studio already met it's first goal of 5,000 - which means Jess and her team will donate $500 to the food bank. Deadline for diapers is November 30, 2010. For more info, click here.

How about you? Got some questions you need dance to solve?

The Book In My bag Today: Another One Bites The Dust, Jennifer Rardin


  1. Your slowly weaning me onto the idea...even if a look like a baby deer on ice when I dance. All bumbly and goofy... one day I may surprise you my dear!!!

    Go and shake your booty tonight, let your "eggplant" hair take you away...kind of like Calgon! LOL!

    Love ya!!!

  2. What a wonderful testimony to Jess and all her hard work. She's lucky to have you in her corner, Ms. Ius.
    Very well written. xo

  3. I'm intrigued...I love dance too, but it's been a long while for me. I'd love to see you dance at one of your lessons though. That may motivate me!

  4. Girl, yes, dance can solve many things, including stress! Stress is so harmful but dancing is such a great way to release stress.

    Try a square dance, they're the best!

  5. Lets get it RIGHT first of all Dawn's last name is DALTON!!!! Babe I'm so happy for you. I'm so happy that you found dance to help you take your mind off the outside world and all life's problems even if its only for a hour or two. I'm so glad you are enjoying naughty hotties and are learning lots...... I'm still waiting for you to bring it home for my private lesson behind a locked door. WOOT WOOT... Love you always.....

  6. Hopefully within the torture you still have fun!:) Great to see you tonight! You sure worked it despite our conversation before class tonight lady wow! Seriously impressed!

  7. Dawn, Jamie hit it on the head, I am so blessed to have you in my corner, and dance is lucky to have you writing about it so passionately. Xo

  8. When I was in high school, I took dance. I loved it. I haven't done it in years. Maybe I should take it up again.

  9. KAREN - I'd LOVE for you to come to Dance Quickie with Donna, Carrie, Sue and I. Although we MISSED the class, Donna and I watched the tail end of it. I think you'd like it! I'll be there for you :-) xoxo

    Aww thanks, JAMIE. As you now have witnessed, J'Adore Dance cultivates a BEAUTIFUL and safe environment. Those are the kinds of messages I want/like to spread. An added bonus that I feel so welcome there. Happy to be dancing with you. xo

    MELAIDA - I would not be content to have you "watch" me in a class - I know you'd be awesome. When I started this, I had NO dance training and I still fumble through the steps. (Especially Bollywood) Knowing what a hottie you are, I challenge you to sign up for Naughty Hotties AND check out Dance Quickie with Donna and I. The website for times is Will I see you there, gorgeous?

    HUSBAND -*blush* I have a little bit to learn before I take on THAT challenge :-) Love you.

    KASHA - It's all about the hair! And you :-) Wonderful class last night, sunshine. And I actually figured out two of the steps that have been eluding me. I tell ya, it's the eggplant hair :-P <3

    JESS - Your passion is infectious. xo

    CAROLYN - where do you live? I'd definitely recommend finding a studio in your area that is passionate about the benefits of dance, rather than just the technical. At J'Adore, I am lucky to be in an environment that allows for learning - because I seriously have two left feet. (Though that is SLOWLY changing...) Thank you for stopping by. Heading over to your blog... :-)

  10. That's awesome! I only have one dance move, so you're gonna have to teach me some! heheheh

  11. Yay! See hard work pays off! Or maybe you're right it could be the eggplant hair-which still think it's so hot love it! he he! Gives you that edge! You're still WAY more trusting with your husband than I would be with hair is my other baby! LOL! Missed you tonight at Fit Hop..hope your migraine is gone and you're resting. That is NO fun! Have a wonderful thanksgiving! hugs

  12. Check you out - incorporating dance in every facet of life! Excellent ideas on how to dance our lives away.

  13. Wow that seems so damn cool!!! I love dancing too, I swear I could make a career of it...If I hadnt graduated on business, and didnt want to be a writer...or ilustrator. Then I'd definetly just dance! I think the best one for me is'Searching for inspiration' It has actually worked for me several times

  14. Hi Dawn, cool blog:)
    Before my friend and I joined a weekly flamenco dance class, we hardly had time to see each other and now we see each other every week. We have fun, it's great for fitness and we catch up on a weekly basis. It's wonderful!

  15. JUDE - I'd love to know what your move is! (And I admit, before I started with J'Adore Dance I had ZERO moves...)

    KASHA - You make it fun to work hard. Thank you. Still nursing the migraine but looking forward to seeing you next week.

    Thanks, SUZANNE. I'm a bit shocked at how much I miss it when I don't go.

    CLARA - A woman of many talents! I know that creativity often begets just took me a while to find the creative side of dance. For the first few classes I just tried not to look awkward.

    IVANA - Welcome :-) What a great story about your friend. I'd love to try Flamenco...I think.