Monday, August 30, 2010

More vampire aMUSEment

I admit, I have a thing for vampires.

At least the ones on TV. Specifically, Damon from Vampire Diaries - and Eric off of True Blood. (Edward's too sparkly pretty for me - I prefer the bad boys.)

My obsession casual interest in these two fanged hotties isn't entirely frivolous. As last week's muse, Damon truly stepped up to the plate. Despite my laptop completely dying, I finished a record number of revisions on ABSOLUTION, reviewed several chapters for my crit partner and roughed out plot outlines for two NEW projects. (Rocky and Kyle, please stop rolling your eyes...)
In fact, Damon was such a perfect muse avatar, I considered keeping him for one more week.

But after death threats from rabid fans playing catch-up and watching three episodes of True Blood in a row last night (Thanks, Karen!), it's Eric FTW. (Admit it, you're ALSO on Team Eric, no?)

Admittedly, Eric's got a much tougher job than Damon had last week. I'm back at the day job after three weeks off and as always, there's a lot on my plate. I'm excited about how several of my projects are shaping up - including the completed first draft of a fun and fabulous kid's story about canola - and I need Eric in top shape if I want to keep up this crazy momentum.

Based on some of the footage I saw on True Blood last night, I'd say Eric's form is pretty damn tip top.

The Book In My Bag Today: Broken, Kelley Armstrong


  1. Rock on, Girl!!

    Missed your blog, and it's good to have you back in top form. :)

  2. How can you not love Eric? BTW, did you see the Emmy's last night when Sookie, Eric and Bill walked on stage? Sookie and Bill were the same height and Eric was like a whole foot taller than Bill. I never noticed the huge discrepency on True Blood. Maybe they give Bill platforms...

  3. Kris sat through an entire season of rented True Blood. I must admit I was equally as envious of her being able to sit that long as I was her becoming a True convert.
    Welcome back to blog world Ms Ius :-) xo

  4. you are all about the blood suckers! I saw the movie Vampires Suck with my niece and nephew on the weekend - funny (in a 13 year old kid kinda way).

  5. Yeah, I've been a fan of Eric ever since the whole Godric episode. What. a. hottie. I have to admit I have a thing for Damon too. I don't like stefan's razed unibrow for one and there's just something so appealing in a bad boy

  6. Dawn-I'm really glad the Immortal Muses are doing their job for you. I definitely have a bad boy thing too, and would not uninvite Eric from my home. I've only watched a few episodes of True Blood (I came to it late but I picked up the first season at the library). Eric is far more my style than those frilly Twilight kind.

  7. Thanks Donna <3

    Suzanne - I did NOT see the Emmys. I figured Eric was tall, but it would have been great to see the difference. Heck, who am I kidding? I just savor any opportunity to ogle Eric :-)

    Jamie - YAY for Kris. I thought the first couple episodes of the first season were hokey, but then it got good and I was hooked. One of the best shows on TV in my humble opinion. Thanks <3

    Jan - I have yet to see that movie, but I heard it's funny.

    CQG - LMAO @ razed unibrow. I totally agree. Whenever my stepdaughter and I watch the show, we laugh at that. Somehow, though, she's still on Team Stefan. Sigh.

    Hart - Love Immortal Muses... I admit I enjoyed Edward in Twilight a bit...but his wooden sparkliness kind of got to me. And then I met Damon and turning back now.