Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A little late aMUSEment

I'm counting down the days (minutes?) until Vampire Diaries starts again. I'd love to be noble and suggest my obsession has to do with the fact that my stepdaughter and I watch each episode religiously (bonding) or that the script is so well written that I have no choice but to absorb its genius.

But I know better than to try and pull the wool over my eyes - or yours.

It's true I have grown to love the story line, and have forgiven the show's slight cheese factor. But I'm mostly watching the calendar because of Ian Somerhalder.

He's been my muse before, but for me, he's worthy of a repeat performance. In truth, I could use him for a lot more than a writing muse.

Since returning from holidays, I haven't been blogging. I haven't been dancing. And I certainly haven't been writing. I could start spouting off excuses, but really, it's a matter of getting back into the groove after vacation. Well, that and my laptop dying, making writing and blogging virtually impossible.

I know it's asking a lot since he's probably busy preparing for another awesome season of Vampire Diaries, but I'm hopeful Ian will take these next few days to give me the strength to plow through on writing and edits. I have some beta reading to catch up on. A book to finish. Reading to enjoy. Blogs to become reacquainted with. And hopefully, some dancing to get me back in the creative flow.

If anyone can get me out of this funk, it's Ian. Even if MUSE MONDAY happens on Wednesday this week.

The Book In My Bag Today: Broken, Kelley Armstrong


  1. Well, if any muse is going to turn things around, it just might be Ian!

  2. Mmmm. I love Damon. I'll love him more if you come to Salsa Burn tonight ;)

  3. Life has a tendency to come up and grab you by the throat after you've had a chance to leave it behind for a while. It's like it makes you pay for your 'disloyalty' lol
    But I've faith in Ian helping you get back into the groove.
    And I am looking forward having you back into MY groove of day to day life.
    Have fun with your muse, I know I would ;-)

  4. Oh, there's nothing worse than death of a laptop. I'm sorry to hear you've been derailed.

    I think Ian is the right man for the job. Ian, de-funk-da-fy Dawn, please! :)

  5. I couldn't agree more, Jaydee!

    Megs - I would be I seriously thought LAST week was the last week of this session and handsome hubby planned date night... So I continue to be delinquent.

    Jamie - so true! And yes, I am looking forward to a more normal groove <3

    Thanks Suzanne - your added encouragement may kick Ian in the (cute) butt.

  6. I hear ya. For the first time since I started blogging, I've missed 3 posts. (I'm typically a Mon-Thurs poster.) I've just now made time to leave a few comments but still haven't found the gumption to write my own post. Maybe I need an Ian Somerhalder-type to inspire me ;-)

  7. Oh see you again! I can't wait. He's sure to get something moving for the writing...or he'll just make you drool alot...I know he does me! <3

  8. The muses are always helpful when they look like Ian.

  9. Say! He IS delicious. Vampire Diaries, huh? I've never seen it, but it sounds worth pursuing...

    I hope he gets you back on track soon! Those interruptions do take a little recovery time.

  10. Wendy - I tend to switch up my Muse Avatar weekly, so I'd be willing to send Ian your way on Mondauy :-)

    Karen - I don't even need a picture to start drooling - just say his name <3

    Megan - true that!

    Hart - it's definitely worth checking out. The target audience is young but it's well done. New season starts Sept. 9.

  11. I think I need to get cable - I miss all the great vampire series. He does look aMUSEing!

  12. I agree,he is hot and nasty, and honestly, he catches my attention way more then Edward from Twilight for example. Thats a very good damn reason for bonding, I wish I had a niece that liked vampire diaries lol!

  13. Jan - Yes, you need cable. Don't wait a minute longer!

    Clara - Edward needs sparkles. Damon just needs to appear :-) I am fortunate to disguise my Vampire Diaries obsession with bonding...