Monday, April 5, 2010

Satisfying the muse

I've heard cravings can often be satisfied by merely glancing at a picture.

Others take a much longer stare.

Sometimes you need that time to memorize the image so you can revert to it whenever overindulgence seems imminent. Instead of reaching for the dark side and giving into temptation, a photograph might suffice, right?

Especially if you're on a weight loss program.

You did know I was talking about chocolate, right?

The Easter Bunny all but missed my house this weekend (the single chocolate treat is currently being coveted by my stepdaughter) - so I missed a bit of delicious indulgence. This year, I couldn't gorge on mini eggs, marshmallow peeps, or a candy silhouette of Bart Simpson.


I'm well aware that all of that Easter goodness will start hitting the sale racks today - and since I'm knee deep in revisions, I'll be tempted to indulge. Unacceptable.

To combat such impulse, I've selected a muse that conforms to my usual shallow standards, but also performs a second duty. Whenever I feel the urge to buy chocolate, I'll pull up this picture instead. And stare at it - for as long as it takes to satisfy me.

For hours if necessary.

Care to join me?

The Book In My Bag Today: Altar of Eden, James Rollins


  1. I am so with you!!! Damn...just looking at him satisfies my "aweet" tooth :P

  2. Crap...thats supposed to be SWEET tooth!!! Ugh!

  3. It's not working. Now I just want to lick chocolate off his fingers...and abs and...well, I'm distracted if nothing else but still craving chocolate.

  4. Zombiemom - I knew we had similar...taste :-) I wonder if he can also chase away frustrations on a Monday..or is that a little too much to ask?

    Tielle - keep practicing. I admit, it took me a few hours of concentration...