Friday, December 4, 2009

One day in Bliss

December 3, 2009 will be marked as a perfect day.

Up at 6 a.m. to make my handsome hubby's lunch and send him off to work smiling. Insert coffee IV, open laptop. Begin writing. Off to a great start, right?

By 1 p.m., I'd knocked off 6,000 words of fresh text. Yep, that's right - patting myself on the back, here.

At 1:30, I cleaned the kitchen, because even though my muse can work from almost anywhere, he really prefers organized chaos -- and I hear Kiefer Sutherland (this week's muse) is kind of anal about that stuff. Are you going to be the one to tick off Jack Bauer?

At 2:00, I hopped in the bath with pages from my friend Rocky's book Catch a Falling Star -- don't run to the bookstore, it's not on the shelves. Yet.

At 2:30 I began writing again. Another 2,000 words before 4:30. (Yep, 8,000 word-day. Suhweet!)

I started making dinner at 4:30. A healthy dinner, even. (I should fess up here, though, that the previous food choices for the day were not healthy - like the giant bowl of buttered popcorn, the Pop Tarts, and the Smores Pie from McDonalds - yes, Karen, JOYGASMIC.)

Having knocked my daily writing goal out of the park, I entered the "after-dinner" portion of my day without guilt. Handsome hubby and I took the dogs for a brisk walk. We watched a bit of T.V. together, then crawled into bed early.


This, my dear readers, is a perfect day in my world.

Hours of writing, reading and spending time with my family, peppered with communication with the friends who make my world go round. Text messages that bring smiles to my face (Sue). Phone calls that remind me of the wonderful people who support and love me (Kyle). A heart-warming message on my cell phone answering service (Karen). New pages from a critique parter (woot!).

Does it get any better than that?


Sadly, it's snowing outside and while I'd love to repeat yesterday, I'm back at the day job today. Don't get me wrong -- I love what I do and believe the goals of the Young Alberta Book Society are both noble and necessary. But after yesterday, today seems a little bit of a let down.

Thank goodness it's Friday and Kyle is on his way here. (And that my other crit partner finally posted a new blog today...)


  1. Oh. My . Pendant. 8000 words with time to spend with family?! You Rock!

  2. Thanks Donna. It's called "panic mode" - but I'll take it. So excited to have your pages in my Inbox. They are calling to me... Sigh. xo

  3. 8000 words! *thud* Just shoot me now. In other words, WTG.

    Just promise me one thing: when you sell Absolution you'll hire a personal chef and trade up in your food choices. Please.

  4. LOL. Deal, Hope. I'll even pinky swear on that. xo