Monday, December 7, 2009

More 24-hour amusement

Yeah, I know. Kiefer was LAST week's muse, and it's a bit of a cop out. But hey, it's my brain and it can cheat if it wants to.

Truth be told, I haven't quite tapped all of what I need from Jack. I've got a little more havoc to wreak, a bit more torture to inflict. The freaking book to finish!

So if I'm going to be filling my head with THOSE kinds of images, I might as well have some decent eye candy to help me get rid of them after, right?


  1. Go go go. Jack Bauer did right by you last week. It only makes sense to me to keep him around one other. This is the one, right? Right?

  2. Hope - I sincerely hope this is the last one. I'm so ready to be done.