Monday, December 28, 2009

My artistic idol

Deep breath.

I'm addicted to American Idol.

I've watched almost every season, including the first, when Kelly Clarkson was crowned the first Idol. I haven't agreed with all of the winners and losers - Chris Daughtry NOT in the top 3? Come on! - and I swore I would divorce the show if Adam Lambert didn't beat out the far less interesting and talented Kris Allen.

Of course, Adam didn't win and I will likely watch the next season, despite my resolve to "stop the addiction."

In retrospect, perhaps it's best my two favourites from last season - Adam and the amazing Allison Iraheta - didn't win. Both CDs were on my Christmas wish list (much to my husband's dismay) and Santa was good to me. I doubt either Adam or Allison could have produced these incredible debut albums under the Idol constraints.

I love them both, but when I hear Adam's CD I want to write. When he isn't creating controversy (Yes, I DID see his American Music Awards performance), he's creating great music. The entire album has a techno vibe that brings me back to the days of glam rock. And beneath it all, Adam pumps out some stellar lyrics in his trademark powerful voice. The guy can sing.

But talent can only get you so far.

Since his Idol departure, Adam has been selected as one of Barbara Walters' most fascinating people of 2009, he's been on the COVER of Rolling Stone Magazine, appeared on several talk shows, collaborated with the likes of Lady Gaga, and produced a CD I think portrays what Adam is all about. Impressive - but I think he's just getting warmed up.

After the AMA performance, Adam was on The View, reminding viewers he is no longer an Idol contestant. His CD, his performances, his media attention is all about HIS career now - and his music may not be what you might expect from an Idol winner. He isn't "safe". He's experimenting. And he's creating art.

Over the last few days, I've been reading, watching movies, and thinking about my career as a writer. In 2009, I allowed obstacles to form - internal and external. I didn't always listen to my gut, and often worried about what others would think rather than focussing on what is best for the story. Bad Dawn.

With Adam as this week's muse, I'm hopeful I can break the "safe" cycle and remind myself that as long as I'm mindful of Steve Berry's craft rules, it's ok to experiment. I'm excited to start today.

I have a feeling his CD will also be my musical muse this week. (My current song obsession is Sleepwalker...)

The Book In my Bag This Week: Lover Revealed, J.R. Ward

PS - Santa brought me many books this Christmas and I can hardly wait to sink my teeth into them. However, as I promised myself I would do, I am finishing the books I started - and stopped. This is the third time starting Lover Revealed. I WILL finish it this round. Sigh.


  1. I don't watch American Idol any more, and to tell you the truth, the only reason I took note of Adam Lambert was the big fuss about his AMA performance. When I saw it, I couldn't believe what a big deal had been made about behavior that is ritualized for female performers on MTV every single day...

    Anyway, I'm with you on the need to write with the heart open and unfearful. If you find a formula to do that, let me know, will ya?

  2. Hope - Don't hold your breath for the formula...I'm all all talk right now :-)

    As for Adam's AMA performance, I agree - and was disappointed in the hoopla. I hope that this is another of those cases where even negative publicity is good for his career.

  3. It wasn't that long ago that Madonna kissed Christina and Brittany...

  4. Exactly, Donna. For whatever reason, gay men who are attractive and don't reign in their sexuality get vilified by our society, while women who act exactly the same way get lusted over.

    Anyway, meant to say this earlier, but I would be very sad if in any way I contributed to you not trusting your gut, Dawn. Same for you, Donna. So much of art is subjective, after all.

  5. Donna - I completely agree.

    Hope - I appreciate the comment, but please know, if I take anything too hard, it has nothing to do with your criticism and everything to do with my own self doubt <3