Monday, June 17, 2013

Please Eric, aMUSE me all summer long

Kind of a no brainer, right?

I mean, I pretty much start waiting for a new season of True Blood as soon as the previous one ends - even when it gets a little off the charts with that whole "Billith" storyline. I'm still not sure how I feel about that - or a few other side stories (4 babies, Andy? Weird.) - but I do know this: Alexander Skarsgard is absolutely muse worthy.

This next week is the return of many things I'd abandoned for a month - the gym, everyday writing, date nights with handsome hubs. I've bogged myself down with the day job, fixing up the yard at the new place, and power watching a bunch of TV shows. (Have you seen Scandal? Watch Scandal. So good.)

But this week, that's all gotta change. My pants are fitting a bit tighter, and the voices in my head are shouting at me to get back to a couple of WIPs - not to mention the couple of new shinies I've pushed to the back of the TBW pile.

Yep, my 2013 New Year's Resolution goals are slightly off course. The return of Eric Northman to Sunday night must-watch TV seems like a good omen that things are heading back on track. Welcome back, Eric. You've been gone far too long.

Happy Monday!

- Dawn

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