Tuesday, October 23, 2012

TV Tuesday: Chicago Fire

I'm not generally into traditional police procedurals, or TV shows that feature doctors, nurses, or firemen. Exceptions include House and CSI (the Grisham version, not this weird Ted Danson thing), though when I drill it down, both of those shows had much more to do with characterization than the setting. House - in the beginning - was a brilliant character.

But there's something kind of appealing about Chicago Fire - and yes, I'm talking about more than the aesthetics. Because let's face it, the show is filled with beautiful people - handsome, muscular firemen, and gorgeous female EMTs. No stereotyping here, right?

Aside from their striking good looks, there's nothing truly outstanding about the roles from a characterization standpoint. There's the fireman with the drug problem, the dude with fiancee problems, the female EMT who has bad luck with men, and the female EMT who has great luck with the ladies, the brooding hunk, the domineering boss, the...you get the picture. Been there. Done that. Like 1000 times.

Chicago Fire has plenty of drama - fires blazing out of control, heroic rescues from burning buildings and the like. And of course, the there's internal conflict aplenty, with the story lines from each character crossing over, intersecting or merging with each other, which all sounds so complex...

Except it isn't.

And perhaps, for me at least, that's exactly the allure of Chicago Fire. Not quite mindless TV, but maybe one of the only shows on my PVR list that doesn't get me thinking about a new idea in a similar genre.

Yet. Let's see what happens after the first season.

Watching Chicago Fire? What do you think?

- Dawn

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