Monday, October 29, 2012

Pure aMUSEment

Ack! I love James Purejoy.

I first discovered him in the movie A Knight's Tale, and have kind of semi-stalked him ever since. I even half cast him in the role of Nic, the leading man in my novel, Heartless.

But then, James made a (too short) guest appearance on one of my new favorite TV shows, Revenge, and my love for him came rushing back.

Which is why I am super stoked that he'll be starring alongside Kevin Bacon in a thriller TV series starting this January called, The Following. Yeah, I know, Kevin Bacon as an FBI agent - predictable. But get past that, because James is going to be the serial killer.

Love him. LOVE!

And so it makes complete sense to cast him as this week's Muse Avatar.

When I'm not obsessively watching for the latest Frankenstorm news, I'll be kicking off November with some long awaited projects - revisions to Heartless, continued work with Judith Graves on Killer's Instinct, a NaNoWriMo young adult project, the start of an adult thriller and a quirky experimental project with Jessica Bell. Exciting!

But before all that...I'm back to checking Hurricane #Sandy tweets and praying for the safety of my friends and family throughout the United States. Stay safe everyone!

- Dawn

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