Friday, December 31, 2010

Ringing in the New Year

I don't do well with resolutions. It's been past experience that whenever I set the "plan" in writing, I freeze like a deer caught in headlights.

Not this year.

I've been giving a lot of thought to things I'd like to change, and ways to enhance my personal happiness. I'm married to an incredible and thoughtful man who loves me with everything he has. I have a beautiful stepdaughter and a house full of pets that give unconditional love. I'm blessed with amazing friends from around the world.

So what more could I want?

I'm going to be a bit greedy this time around and say: I want to love myself more - and criticize myself less.

So 2011 is going to be about balance...more or less :-)

  • I resolve to write more and procrastinate less.
  • I resolve to exercise more and eat less.
  • I resolve to read more and watch TV less.
  • I resolve to play more and work less.
  • I resolve to love myself more and criticize myself less.
Lofty statements, I suppose. But as I get ready to head out for a romantic New Year's Eve with handsome hubby, I've set some things in motion that will help me achieve this year's resolutions.
  • I accept that 56 books last year was a great accomplishment. When Karen and I issued the challenge for 100 Books in 2010, neither of us REALLY thought we'd meet the goal. But man did we try. And the side benefits rocked - new genres! new authors! new inspiration! This year, I'll be reading 75 books and watching 26 movies to keep that momentum flowing. Book one is already in my purse and there's a leaning TBR pile of books on my shelf.
  • Beside my bed is a jar filled with 365 paper hearts. On each paper, I have written a special task - one for each day of the year. It could be something as simple as taking a 30-minute guilt-free nap to something more involved, such as finally getting that second tattoo. Yep, a full year of stuff ALL ABOUT ME.
  • The XBox 360 is a good start towards playing - but a weekly "fun family night" is already written in my pretty new daytimer.
  • The sports games for the Kinect will get me moving, for sure. But a gym membership, access to the work fitness room, and heading back to J'Adore Dance will keep me moving. Add to that friends who will work out with me, dance with me, or kick my butt at racquetball and I'm ready to hit 2011 running.
2010 was an emotional roller coaster, and I'm ready for it to hit the road. So tonight, I'm going to raise a toast with my amazing husband, and welcome 2011 with wide open arms.

Wishing you all a very happy New Year - and may all of your dreams come true.

The Book In My Bag Today: Dead in Dallas, Charlaine Harris


  1. That is one hell of a list of accomplishments, Dawn. Congrats for them, and may you cross out all new ones! You know what, Im gonna love myself a bit more too, Im too critical of myself. Thanks for the idea!

  2. Wonderfully said! I do love the list. You're right. It does have balance. And I'm still alive in Dallas! :-)

  3. Well one of the best parts of 2010 for me was reconnecting with you! Self love is a fabulous goal (it was mine last year and I am continuing on that with this year as well).
    Plus I am sooo happy to see that J'Adore Dance is in the plans for the New Year. We have missed you Dawn!

  4. Sounds like some great resolutions and a plan to keep them!

  5. Good for you, Dawn!

    I think its about time you thought about yourself for once. Give 'er! I have a feeling that 2011 is going to be great.

  6. Dawn-I love your jar of little treats! And I think you've got a great set of goals lined up! good luck meeting them!

  7. CLARA - I think self-love is something many women - especially writers - find difficult. I support you in your quest! Love yourself in 2011...and beyond.

    ROCKSTAR - I miss you!!!!!!!

    JESSICA - I am SO glad we reconnected in 2010 as well. Thank you for inspiring me with your beauty, your success, and your studio. <3

    Thanks, JAN!

    DONNA - part of my resolution is to spend more time with YOU :-) Yes, 2011 is going to be great.

    WW - Happy New Year!

    HART - Thank you. I have enjoyed reaching for a "heart" every morning so far. Happy New Year!