Monday, December 27, 2010

The best of the best aMUSEment

Now that the rush of Christmas Day is over, the official "top 10" lists have begun - the countdown to the best of the best in 2010. Not surprisingly, I did very little writing over the last few days (okay, so I did NO writing). I also didn't blog, read blogs, or even - gasp - read.

But all that has to change this week. So in the sprit of the after-Christmas season, I offer a buffet of muses (because I'm greedy like that). 2010 brought 52 weeks of muse avatars - admittedly, with many repeats. Here's my take on the best of the best:
Reason #1 to watch True Blood...
Reason #2 to watch True Blood...

"Kyle Reese" said he'd travel across time to be my muse...
Kiefer whipped me, uh, my MS into shape a few times...

The original muse... Jensen Ackles always inspires

Brad took time away from the kids to help me out

Sammy Winchester fuels my....writing, of course
Chris added his angelic touch once or twice

Beck taught me how to bend it

Jon reminded me of why I miss the 80s

Ironically, no writing happened while staring back at Cam

Vin kicked the crap out of self doubt

Wow - I love muse avatar Mondays! Go forth, my darlings. Inspire!

The Book In My Bag Today: Afraid, Jack Kilborn


  1. Oh my. That is the most buff buffet of muses I've ever seen!

    Are you and Handsome Hubby still playing video games in your jammies?!

  2. Clang!
    (picks jaw off floor) Nice work, Dawn ;)

  3. slurrrrp!

    huh.. who'da thunk Vin could take a halfway decent picture.

  4. SUZANNE - sadly, it's back to the grind for handsome hubby so he needed to get out of jammies and into work clothes. Bummer because I *think* I may have figured out how to beat him at bowling!

    VICKI - Agreed.

    Thanks, DONNA. I aim to please.

    LTM - thank you! Hope you had a great Christmas.

    JAMIE - I know, right? I admit I had to search for quite some time to find it.

  5. LOL. You sure do like the 'pretty' boys dontcha? :o) I'm a Johnny Depp gal ... as I think you probably know. Hmm ... just to clarify, that short story you read was NOT autobiographical. ha!

  6. oh dear. I could spend all day looking back at them but IAN is my personal favorite. He's so versatile isn't he? Bad boy one minute and innocent vulnerable the next..'sigh'.

  7. Very nice selection here... I may have to borrow a few of them now and again--I know you've been dancing for fitness, so I can only assume you've been teaching these guys to dance like I like, yes?

  8. JESSICA - Oh, Johnny's been my muse several times over. I didn't realize my list was so "pretty" but you could be right. LOL

    CREEPY - I'm with you on the whole IAN bandwagon. In fact, I have a front row seat. Versatility is SO key in a hot muse :-)

    HART - you are welcome to borrow as many as you like. I've started on dance lessons, but since I'm still working with two left feet, I'm going to need a little (lot?) more time with each of them...