Monday, November 1, 2010

Post Halloween blues muse

Yes, I know, Halloween is over (sniff), and this picture does not at all reflect my typical "hot guy" Monday muse avatar.

But under that scary mask is my handsome husband, who fully embodies the role of muse this week. Truthfully, every week - but he deserves an extra special nod the day after Halloween.

My house is covered in fake blood, there's remnants of a graveyard scene in my front yard, and a full sized coffin takes up a portion of my garage. And yet, I'm sporting a giant grin this morning after what just might be the best Halloween ever.

It's the start of NaNo (yeah, I'm doing it) and I've got a To-Do list a mile long, so instead of writing a long post, I'll let these pictures do the talking.

A Halloween feast my stepdaughter and I prepared.

My stepdaughter (Red Queen) kisses her Dad before heading out for candy.

My fave skeleton bride hanging out with my hubby.

Random kid who wanted his pic taken with hubby.

A classic moment of fear...short-lived since then ALL of the neighborhood kids wanted pics. One man even video-taped our house for about an hour.

Handsome hubby's pumpkin carving. Yeah, he's talented like that. Sigh.

Handsome hubby not at Halloween, but still being a kid <3

I hope each of you had an awesome Halloween. And if you're gearing up for NaNo, good luck!

The Book In My Bag Today: Fantasy in Death, J.D. Robb


  1. Wow! Looks like you had a great time! :o) Good luck with NaNo. I'm not participating, but I'm still writing! xx

  2. Thanks Jess. Yes, it was awesome. I've always wanted to do NaNo...I'll see how it goes. xo

  3. wow, Dawn! That's fantastic stuff--LOVE the pumpkin! I'm contemplating starting a Halloween party tradition. It's so my favorite holiday...

    good luck w/Nano! :o) <3

  4. Iam so lucky to have a wife like you. You let me have my big kid days. You spoil me with the most amazing food. Surprises. Good luck with your writing love you.

  5. LTM - thanks for popping by. I love the idea of a Halloween tradition. Hubby and I collect a few new pieces every year. If I had my way, we'd decorate October 1...alas, I doubt there would be much left of the decor at the end of the month. <3

    Awww, Husband, thank you for making Halloween such an amazing holiday. I love you. xo

  6. I am flabbergasted by these awesome pics! You sure know how to do Halloween right! (shaking my head) that rocks.
    P.s.-made the decision not to do Nano, but you know I'm still plugging away, and I'll work on the project I said would be for NaNo anyway :)

  7. Looks like your house was the neighbourhood hit :-)
    LOL@ the boy. Score!


  8. Donna - thanks! We loved decorating. I can't even begin to imagine what next year will be like! I figured you'd opted out of NaNo. I'm not surprised - you rock through pages without the added pressure of a month-long deadline.

    Jamie - super fun, indeed. I didn't mind the guy videotaping, or the throngs of parents snapping pics, but the three ADULTS who kind of hung at the edge of the sidewalk and stared, for like 20 minutes, made me a "leetle" uneasy. xo

  9. Looks like so much fun!!!! I want to come to your place next time!

  10. Wow, you guys really go all out with Halloween. I'm impressed. Couldn't imagine my husband doing that. ;)

  11. Your place looks like the most fun halloween! I'd totally come to party.

  12. I love halloween-and your house looks like so much fun! I wish my kids were into some of the scarier creepier aspects but for now they're happy to watch disney's house of villains and dress up as princesses. 'sigh'. I watched Roseanne's halloween edition and it felt like reliving my childhood:)

  13. Borderlands Press Boot Camp is holding your spot and needs to hear from you ASAP.

    Please let us know if you have accepted the invitation and plan on attending at te end of January.

  14. Candy - ALWAYS welcome, my dear.

    Thanks, Stina. I couldn't imagine my husband NOT doing that...LOL

    Venom - plan it for next year. We promise it will be an even bigger event!

    Creepy - I grew up with variations of Halloween fun. It started with Disney and progressed. Give your little ghosties time...they'll be reaching for the skeleton in no time.

  15. What a fabulous Halloween set-up! I should convince my hubby to lay in a coffin! erm... okay, that doesn't sound right... and since he's stopped being underpants, I don't want him in for reals... but what a great scare for the kids! And love the pics with the step-dot!

  16. Hart - You always make me chuckle. Although hubby loved scaring the kids, we did freak out a couple of too-youngsters. *blush* Next year we'll have to figure out a better warning system...maybe shouting from the front step: Not that one, babe. She's still in the stroller!

  17. terrific pics! I love Halloween. I wish I could've visited your house :)

  18. It's my favorite holiday but I'm too lazy to do anything except enjoy the productions that others put together. Yours looks like a blast.

  19. Thanks Rose! I wish you could have been there, as well. Lots of fun.

    RT - Ironically, my husband has selective laziness. Decorating for Halloween is not one of those times ;-)

  20. Love the deviled egg eyeballs! Your halloween display totally rocks!

  21. How COOL! You guys rocked Halloween! Love the pics. The neighborhood must crazy for your house.

    BTW, Handsome Hubby is handsome. Nice work girl! ;)

  22. Thanks Jan. We had fun. The eggs tasted great...except for the olives, apparently.

    WW - it WAS delish. Not pictured was the meatloaf hand on a bed of "bloody" mashed potatoes and "Adam's Rib" (with bell pepper heart). Loved it.

    Suzanne - we did have quite a few loitering fans :-) Made handsome hubby happy - and yes, he is a hottie. Thank you <3