Monday, November 8, 2010

The "It's all Greek to me" Muse

There is a celebration of gigantic proportions going on at the Alliterative Allomorph blog site. The talented and beautiful Jessica has just learned that her debut novel, Dead in the Corner of my Bedroom (new title pending) will be published by Lucky Press, LLC.

Fellow writers should check out today's post - her journey is a shiny example of never giving up.

So why the random Greek hot guy on Muse Avatar Monday?

Well, Jessica is not only celebrating her impending pub date, but also the fact that she's reached 400 blog followers. Although a native Australian, Jessica lives in Greece (I know, tough life) where she writes beautiful poetry and debut novels obviously worth publishing.

To acknowledge her growing legion of fans, Jessica is giving away Amazon gift cards - and a surprise gift of something from Greece.

I, uh, vote for the guy pictured above.

If I win, I'll immediately put him in the role of Muse Avatar.

Congratulations Jessica! You absolutely deserve this.

The Book In My Bag Today - Crescendo, Becca Fitzpatrick


  1. Dawn, you are such a sweetie!!! Thank you so much for you love and support. You are a true gem!

  2. Wow! 400 blog followers! I can only dream...Well congratulations. I'll be checking that out!

  3. Yummmy! Monday just got even better!

    Congrats Jessica! Great name ;)

  4. Hooray for Jessica! I'm so excited for her! =D

  5. JESSICA - well deserved, my dear. Hope you're celebrating by doing something fun. xo

    DONNA - blog followers will come. You need to always leave your :-)

    JESS - Yes, I love Mondays as well...

    CANDY - Amen.

    CAROLYN - me too! Can you think of anyone more deserving?

  6. I'm so excited for her!! And me likes this weeks avatar:)=

  7. CREEPY - Jess definitely does this week's muse avatar :-D

  8. That guy does have some pretty impressive pecs..

  9. *snort* good one! I vote for Dawn to win~ ;p

  10. WW - I'm getting the idea that you're a pec girl :-)

    LTM - *blush* Thanks for standing in my corner :-D

  11. Say... he's delicious... I have always wanted to go to Greece anyway, but you've just solidified it...

    And YAY Jessica!

  12. Love that talented, hard working Jessica! So proud of her and honey, if my muse looked like that I would be writing erotica instead of YA :0

  13. Ha! Good point, SS. Maybe that's my problem :-D