Monday, September 13, 2010

Absolute aMUSEment

I'm still trying to wrap my head around last night's season finale of True Blood. At the risk of posting spoilers, I'll just say - wow, plenty of weird stuff going on there. The kind of stuff that had me and handsome hubby shaking our heads in confusion.

But despite some of last night's eyebrow-raising moments, one thing echoed crystal clear - I'm solidly, absolutely, 100% on Team Eric.

Which shouldn't be too surprising.

Alexander Skarsgard has been my muse avatar once or twice (or a half dozen) times before and he's done right by me. Challenging me to push harder. Encouraging me to continue writing from a place of (fictional) truth. Providing inspiration for those R-rated scenes...

So, after last night, I couldn't resist bringing him back for a repeat performance. Am I the only one aching to see Eric and Sookie together? I just can't understand what she sees in Bill...

There was a lot I didn't get about the final episode, but I loved each of Eric's scenes - and not just for the assets pictured here. This season we've seen a softer, more sensitive side of Eric and while much of that was evident in the finale, some of his bad boy demeanor (woot!) came rushing back - and you all know how I like those bad boys (grin).

Thankfully, Vampire Diaries (and thus, Damon) is back on TV, because with True Blood now on seasonal hiatus, I'd hate to go into hot-vampire withdrawal. Casting Alexander as muse avatar prolongs his presence for at least one more week. Clever, right?

The Book In My Bag Today: The Search, Nora Roberts


  1. hmmm is that an 8 pack I count on that boy. Verrrry nice.
    Need something to brighten up this dreary morning.. thanks, pal :-)

  2. It IS a dreary morning and 5 am came damn early - but yeah, Alex has an uncanny way of brightening the day :-) Glad to be of service...

  3. Last night was the first time Bill on TV was like Bill in the books, but Eric... *swoon.* If you haven't read all the books, but just want a good Eric fix, try reading Dead to the World (Book 4) by Charlene Harris. Thanks for the gorgeous picture!

  4. Ah thank you, darling! The books are in my TBR pile but I might skip to the fourth... Eric is indeed swoon worthy :-0

  5. Your muse makes me think I may have missed a good series.

  6. Well Hellllllloooooo Mr. Muse/Hot Stuff!

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwn. I'm suddenly feeling quite EXHAUSTED and think I should go take a nap....................

  7. Clever?! Good lord girl, you're genius. I glanced at the picture and swooned. He's ridiculously hot.

    I'm solidly on Team Eric with you. I mean, he even looked hot with cement all over his face.

    That's talent. ;)

  8. Jaydee - I highly recommend watching it - not just for my muse :-)

    Vicki - how was your nap?! Jealous!

    Lol@Suzanna - yes, in addition to Eric's other...assets...he certainly has talent.