Monday, May 31, 2010

Non-sparkly aMUSEment

Until this weekend, I'd kind of forgotten about the hotness of Ethan Hawke. I can hardly remember a movie I've seen him in, and despite the fact I have heard he's written a book or two, I've never read them.

But then I watched Daybreakers with my handsome husband on Saturday night and now I'm definitely back on the Hawke bandwagon.

In Daybreakers, Ethan plays a non-sparkly vampire named Edward. He's a blood scientist in a society where there are more vampires than humans - in fact, the human race is on the verge of extinction. Edward's superiors want him to find a blood-substitute. Edward would rather find a cure.

I loved the movie, even though it hasn't had great reviews. In a vampire-saturated marketplace (no complaints here), Daybreakers offered something different. A bit of dark, a bit of fun.

The movie also reminded me of how much I love Ethan Hawke. Which is why I've cast him in the role of muse avatar for the week. It's been a while since I've checked out his work ethic, but he does possess some of those material characteristics I require... Hopefully he'll provide enough inspiration to push me to completion. Again.

Sidenote: Paul Bettany was also in the running for muse avatar this week. But then I watched Legion. Really. Bad. Movie. So bad not even the sexy Paul could save it. So sad.

Seen either movie? What did you think? Any flicks on your list this past weekend?

The Book In My Bag Today: Dead Frog on the Porch, Jan Markley


  1. Oh, I liked that movie too! The ending was awesome. And I've been a fan of ethan since his white fang days on disney...:)

  2. i'm not a huge fan of his, but have you seen before sunrise?
    omg - such a great movie, but actually i MUCH prefer the sequel before sunset.

    if you haven't seen them, you MUST!

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  4. I actually didn't think Legion was all that bad. It is what it is, right? I mean, I wasn't expecting much, so I guess I wasn't disappointed. And Paul Bettany looked HOT. I didn't even recognize him at first.

    And I agree with Ethan Hawke and am glad you liked Daybreakers because I've been wanting to see it, but have heard bad stuff about it.

    I've loved Hawke since Dead Poet's Society, that was one of my favorite roles of his.

  5. Hmmmm....Interesting.

    Daybreakers was decent, but Legion was the stinker? Good to know.

  6. CQG - I'm SO glad you liked the movie as well. I'd heard so many negative things I thought I might be an anomaly - well, more than usual :-)

    Mi - I'll see both of those movies based on your rec. Thanks!

    Megan - totally agree, Bettany was HOT in that movie. I've loved him since his role as Chaucer in a Knight's Tale. Sigh. I'd forgotten about Dead Poet's Society...great movie.

  7. Donna - you "might" want to watch Legion because of the cool stuff they do with wings. AND, Paul is hot. I LOVED Daybreakers.

  8. LMAO@ Suzanne. It's been a while since I've been called that. Maybe a little :-)

  9. I liked the premise of Daybreakers, but haven't seen it yet. Didn't know there was eye candy to behold. I'll get right on that! ;)

  10. Vicki, me thinks you shant be the eye candy. The story is pretty cool as well.

  11. I'm liking the idea of a weekly muse - especially if they all look like that ;)

    Hey, if they help, I'm all for it!

  12. Jaydee - much to my husband's dismay, they all kind of look like...that. :-)

  13. I liked him in Training Day but haven't seen Daybreaker. I think Ann Rice ruined me for vampires. After attempting to read one of her books I swore off vampires for good. OK.... except for Twilight which I had to read to see what all the fuss was about. And then my daughter made me go see the movie with her. But that's it.

  14. He's somebody I'm interested in knowing more about--has intentionally taken more SMALL roles and fewer sex-god ones because he wants to be serious about his writing, which appeals to the intellect in my (smart is sexy, ne?) I should look for his books and see if the guy can actually write... you know... it would be a lot HARDER to turn out a really great book as a star because the powers that be are willing to let such tripe slide if you're famous. I will be impressed if he writes well.

  15. RT -Anne Rice was absolutely the Queen for vampires and I agree, it's tough for others to compare. I've kind of accepted that she holds the standard. That said, Daybreakers was a different kind of vamp story and I enjoyed it...even though, it will never be Interview...

    Watery - I've been thinking about finding his books for a while now. I agree - if he writes well, I might let him hang out as muse avatar for more than a week. It frustrates me when I see people published due to other being an actor or rock star.