Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Book 28 - Savor the Moment

Not too long ago, I read an article indicating that the best writers understand relationships - both good and bad. How characters interact with one another, the emotional tug and pull that allows us to relate, to live the story rather than *read* it.

I'd heard that before, but it was once again re-enforced after finishing Savor the Moment, the third book in Nora Roberts' bride quartet series.  If anyone understands the importance of relationships, it's Nora.

I'm proud of the vast and eclectic selection of books I've read during this 100 books in 2010 challenge. There's been a few misses - and plenty of hits.

For me, Nora is almost always a hit. I can get lost in supernaturals, find beauty in literary brilliance, race through a heart-pounding thriller, and even trudge through a western. But Nora? I savour every word.

At least when it comes to her straight-up romances. Which is what Savor the Moment is.

Few authors have the ability to make me tear up in the first chapter. Nora does - and did. She introduces Laurel effectively, creating immediate sympathy, and a quick hook. Truthfully, I couldn't have stopped reading if I'd wanted to.

Laurel is the cake decorator for Vows, a wedding planning company comprised of four long-standing friends. The relationship between partners is wonderful - the concept inspiring. Having dabbled in photography and interior design, planned my own wedding, dreamed of a large flower garden and now begun *creating* desserts, Nora makes it easy for me to relate to all levels of the company. And yeah, I'm green with envy.

I loved Mac in the first book, enjoyed Emma in the second, and adored Laurel in the third. Like the rest of her partners, she's a smart, sassy, and fun career girl. I love how they interact, the depth of their relationships is amazing. Nora does an excellent job of establishing Laurel's competency in the kitchen. I could absolutely visualize the designs, taste the flavours, smell the aromas. I wanted to be in Laurel's workspace and suck up her teachings.

I think, on some level,  I even picked up some hints for my new hobby. Er...baking. (No, I am not becoming domestic. I just enjoy learning new things...)

I always expect to fall for Nora's heroes, the way I absolutely fell for Roarke in the "In Death" series. But I'm actually hard pressed to remember any of the men from her romances, and it's likely I'll forget Del as soon as I start a new book.

That isn't to say I didn't feel the chemistry. As I've said, Nora is amazing at relationship building. I have little doubt Del and Laurel will get married, just as Emma and Carter or Jack and Mac will (yikes, I hope I've paired them properly...) live happily ever after. I totally bought into their romance, and for 325 pages, I liked Del. A lot.

But I admit, I am most looking forward to Parker and Malcolm's story. Mal is a mechanic. And rides a motorcycle. He seems a little rougher around the edges. Much more my type.

Damn bad boys.

The Book In My Bag Today: The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, Stieg Larsson


  1. i've never read a nora roberts novel, but i know she's doing something right because she's written about a million of them.

    right now i'm limited to reading YA lit, until i finish my manuscript, though i've been on the same book for weeks now because i just can't find the time to finish it.

    but i greatly admire your personal challenge of 100 books!

  2. mi - thanks, though I think I'm partially sticking with it because my best friend is doing the challenge as well. Companionship or competition? Not sure (grin)

    What book are you reading? I've read some amazing YA books through this book challenge, actually.

    Nora...yeah, she's doing something right. I do love her romance, but her romantic suspense is kind of hit and miss for me.

  3. Great characters and an emotional investment in what happens to them is SO important.

  4. CQG - indeed, yet missing in so many plot-focussed books.

  5. I have never read Nora's work. Sounds like I should. The truth is, I haven't read a book aimed at anyone over 18 years old in, well, maybe 18 years. ; )

  6. Suzanne - I'm sensing a trend. YA is an exploding market and SO compelling. I have read some great ones this year - and have some in my TBR pile I bet will be awesome.

  7. dawn - i'm reading spanking shakespeare.
    so far i really like it.

  8. I am so happy to be a part of you baking. As many people think as your husband i should just tell you things taste great cause thats my job!!! Wrong all the goods you make for our family have been awesome and i eat till i cant eat no more from your buns to your banana bread they always hit the spot at work when i need to feel the love of my wife. IT IS ALSO I HIT WITH THE GUYS AT WORK.

    I am sorry that i am not so much the romantic guy but like you your trying to learn new things so will I keep trying to bring more to the _ _ _ _ _ _ _ . You fill in the spaces..

    Love your husband xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox

  9. Mi - I totally want to read that book!

    Anonymous husband - at this rate, you won't be able to keep track of the brownie points. Love you. xo

  10. ok, how cute are you and your husband!?!

  11. LOL@Mi - yeah, handsome hubby's interest in my blog is fairly...new.
    Amazing what happens when you whine a little ;-)

  12. what an interesting post! you know, i've never actually read a nora roberts book before..

    something consider, i think.




    ah. big sigh. LOVES me some romance.


  14. Tahereh - romance? Read Savor the Moment :-) Loving your NY escapade stories...