Sunday, September 20, 2009

One hot muse

Yep, that's Dean from Supernatural. You know, the hot one. Wondering what he's doing on my blog post? (Like I need a reason...)

I was reading my writer friend's blog the other day and was pleasantly surprised to see she'd ended it with a picture of Daniel Craig - you know, the hot Bond. I commented on it, and she said he was the image of her internal editor.

Go big or go home, she said.

Sadly, the image on my internal editor is rock solid. After spending a few weeks with Steve Berry, it would be hard to picture anyone BUT Steve telling me to "write tight." And something tells me his beautiful wife (and my friend) Liz might take issue with me conjuring up an image of her husband every time I sit down to write.

But the muse? Well, that's another story.

Like the finicky woman I am, I figure I can change my muse's avatar whenever I want. No telling when inspiration will strike, or which handsome fella will kickstart the mood.

This week, it's all about Jensen Ackles. Especially when I picture him singing the theme song from Rocky on a Supernatural outtake. I mean, how much better does your cheerleader have to look before you consider him your muse? Mine's pretty hot. How about yours?

1 comment:

  1. Flexibility in a writer is a key trait, which is why I see your point about requiring both a Muse and an Internal Editor. Nice job on the initial candidate, even if you end up changing your mind a time or two... ;)