Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I'm becoming a contest junkie.

Not just any contest, though. Writing contests. Consider it part of my procrastination plan as I plug away on restructuring and revising Absolution.

I entered my first contest a couple of days ago. An online contest you can find at My odds of winning are not bad - only 15 people entered. I can't remember how I stumbled on that contest, but I've been googling new ones for the last two days. Yes, I do recognize that is also a procrastination tactic.

It's just that some of them are so damn tempting. They call to me like a lighthouse beacon, spotlighting my affliction for challenge. Some of these contests aren't even in a genre I've tried writing before. Those are the ones I think I'll try first.

Interested in giving it a shot yourself? Check out these links - but don't dilly dally, deadlines are fast approaching. Is it any wonder why I'm planning to enter them?

Scare the Dickens Out of Us
4,000 or less word short ghost involving a Dickens character. Must take place in December. First place is $500. More details at

CBC Literary Awards
Short story, poetry and creative non-fiction categories. Deadline for all three is November 1, 2009. Why bother? Um...first place in each category is $6,000. Check it out at awards.

Better Sex Erotic Fiction Contest
$2,000 for 3,000 words or less Well of course you don't want your Mom to read it - that's why you use a pseudoname. (type fiction contest into the search engine) The deadline is Oct. 4.

1001 Awesome Words Contest
A respectable $750 prize for 1001 words or less. Open fiction contest. More info at

Ladder Writers
New website, new contest. Prize money is $50 but the concept is fun. Climb the literary ladder by entering contests and being an active member of their writing community. Check it out at

Writer's Digest Popular Fiction Awards
Five categories and a chance to win in ALL five. Deadline November 2, 2009 - $2500 cash prize. (Maybe 5 times) Google the Writer's Digest website for the full scoop.

Writer's Digest 10th Annual Short Story Competition
1500 words or less could net you $3,000. I like the math on that. The odds, however, might be another story. Big contest. Big magazine. Big competition, I'd guess. Deadline: December 1, 2009. Look them up online to enter.

A Woman's Write "Good Read" Fiction Book Competition
Written a good read? Send the first 75 pages to for a chance to win $500. Deadline is November 30, 2009.

Glimmer Train magazine has monthly contests. Some of them are cool. Google them.

And the grand poobah of contests - not because of the cash (which is not much, considering) but just the bragging rights:

The 2010 Adventure Writer's Competition
Have you written a book Clive Cussler would be proud to read - and judge? Deadline for 50,000-130,000 word submissions is January 1, 2010. Pretty sure the $1000 prize is a small prize considering your entry is judged by the father of thriller himself.

Oh yeah, there's some stuff on Harlequin that might be of interest, too. 

Good luck.

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