Monday, March 12, 2012

Cam, I need of your help

Holy crap I have a busy - but awesome - week ahead.

Any minute now, I should receive copies of SPIRITED. Don't have a clue what that is? The "other me" has a short story published in this dreadfully awesome anthology, and I'm stoked to be included with such awesome talent. Like bestselling authors Candace Havens and Maria Snyder!

And on Tuesday night, I'm going to this. The emerging screenplay writer in me is SO excited to network with a couple of top industry players...some that may even want to hear one (or more) movie/TV show pitches. Or not. Maybe they'll just want to sip martinis and talk about new movies and TV shows. Whatev. I'm in.

And, the second book in the Chase Duffy elementary school series, Gotta Jet, will be out on Friday. Squee!

If that isn't enough, I'm prepping my middle grade book for submission, polishing off my paranormal romance, plotting my new script, developing beat sheets for a couple of scripts I'm writing with Judith Graves (follow her blog tour, you could WIN stuff! Cool stuff!), flushing out a series outline with Kyle Kerr, sending out acceptance letters for the April issue of Vine Leaves Literary Journal, finishing up some Bridge proposals and contracts, meeting the beautiful and patient Jessica at J'Adore Dance, getting A-Z Blogging Challenging posts ready for April and hoping to catch up to Karen in our 100 Books in 2012 Reading Challenge. Whew!

No wonder I need to cast Cam Giganet as this week's muse. When Jessica was here last week, we curled up with some popcorn to watch Burlesque, reminding me again of how much I adore Cam. Here's hoping he likes me just as much - well, enough to get me through the week.

- Dawn

This week's highlights:

March 16 - Judith Graves will be on the blog, talking about Second Skin, the second in her YA SKINNED series. And I'll be on hers talking about SPIRITED.
March 17 - Judith will be on the "other me" blog...still talking about Second Skin, but also about luck. Try YOUR luck for a chance to WIN cool stuff. Including beautiful tote bags I really wish I'd thought of.

The Book In My Bag Today: Divergent, Veronica Roth


  1. How are you enjoying Divergent? :)

    1. With all of the Hunger Games comparisons, I think I was expecting a little more. I'm about half way and only JUST starting to feel anything for the characters. Good writing, but not a mind-blowing story.

  2. Replies
    1. Krista - always! But that's how I like it :-)

  3. I had to come back. He Is a hottie ... first of your muses I actually drool over ... LOL. Bet you weren't expecting that from me, huh?

  4. Busy, busy! But it seems to be a whole lot of fun!
    I like to dab at screenwriting from time to time, but haven't given it the priority so far. Glad you're taking that step!! : )