Monday, July 18, 2011

Casting muse

I love to cast my characters.

I always begin with a fresh palette, thinking about the broader details like hair colour, general build, overall "look." As I start filling in the details - like the scar under one of my protagonists' eye - I begin flipping through the online catalogue of ready-made faces until I find the model/celebrity/random Joe Blow that best suits the image in my head.

Because I tend to write everything with a movie or TV show in mind (go big or go home, right?), I often pick celebrities to represent each character. 

Not often do I get it THIS right.

JAMES PUREFOY is the perfect Torek, the love interest for one of my characters. You may recognize him as the mysterious Colville (prince) from A Knight's Tale. His role was small, but I've never forgotten him. (Ironically, that movie is also where I first formed a great affection for Paul Bettany, who has been my muse before!)

This week, the awesome Judith Graves and I will embark on a full-on writing blitz, where-upon we'll create great things together. Or kill each other.

This character will play an integral role in that. The writing. Not the potential death.

Which of course makes him a perfect muse avatar. I have a feeling Judith and I will have no problem referring to this picture, repeatedly, for some additional inspiration.

- Dawn


  1. This is so funny--you know, I nearly never have a super solid image. I think I only have specific people I could cast for maybe 3 characters in nearly 100. It just isn't how I process. I don't do a ton of description, either--some, yes, but I am much more about psychology, motivation and inner workings.

  2. I love that you cast your characters. Congratulations on getting it THIS right! :)

  3. This comment has nothing to do with blogging. I was watching True Blood last night wondering, "I wonder what Dawn thinks of Gentle Eric?" Isn't his character change cRaZy?! I'm dying to know what you think of your muse morphing! :)

  4. Suzanne - lol, I was going to send you an email. I LOVE gentle Eric. I didn't think I would, in fact, I freaked after the initial change. But I think Alex has done such a tremendous job with the acting that I can't help but fall in love with Sookie. Strangely, "bad boy" Bill does nothing for me.

    Hart - I tend not to do a lot of description on character looks, either. Casting the face sometimes just gives me a good reference point. And usually, it's just to have a muse avatar :-P