Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Crash and Mars are "magically delicious"

True story.

The Young Alberta Book Society was in desperate need for a couple of people to work a double casino shift. With flu season in full swing, our volunteer numbers had dwindled.

Lucky for (some of) us, I'm living with Crash and Mars for 11 nine days (not that I'm counting down or anything) - two nimble, eager volunteers, right?

Perhaps in the role of lucky charm.

It took Crash a nano second to spot the "opportunity."

"Kiss us for luck" he said, or rather mimed.

And to my utter shock, people did! For almost 16 hours. Waitresses, gamblers, security guards - all waiting in line to kiss Crash and Mars in hopes of an extra ounce of lip-smacking good luck. Even Alberta author Karen Bass got in on the action...

Until Crash suggested they get a little more comfortable...

I rescued Karen from Crash's advances, only to find him hooking up with an old friend - the manager of the Yuk Yuks, who was a little worried the 102.3 Now Radio hosts wouldn't recognize her.

Doesn't look like Crash is having a hard time recalling, huh?

But all that kissing (rather than working) gave the annoyingly popular ingenious duo dry mouth, so we headed to the Casino Grill with local writer (and angel volunteer) Donna for a bite to eat.

We barely had enough time to finish eating before Crash spotted this pretty waitress...

And the kissing started all over again.

"Don't knock it until you try it," Crash said, inbetween lip locks.

But I couldn't do it. I mean, what would my handsome husband think?!

Mars suggested we try a different lucky charm (which was amazing since she hasn't spoken to me since the recycling bin incident...)

Sadly, the previously smitten waitress didn't appreciate the old salt-over-the-shoulder trick.

By the end of 16 hours, we were all tired. So I hailed security to walk us out to the car. And well...

*Note to Handsome Husband: Please close your eyes.*

Buff security dude comes over and says, "Whoa. You look so tired. Let me carry you out to your car."

And I'm like, "Dude! There's three of us."

And he says, "Check out these pipes."

To which I reply...well, nothing because I was pretty much speechless.

Now that's going out in style!

Hmmm. I wonder of cute buff dude will be working today as we head back for another day of casino work....

- Dawn

PS - Want to win a signed copy of Karen Bass's amazing book, Run Like Jager? Email with something you learned about Karen from visiting her profile here.

The Book In My Bag Today: Radiant Shadows, Melissa Marr


  1. Woot!

    You're a trooper Dawn! I hope Crash and Mars are enjoying themselves as you take them on a whirlwind trip around Edmonton :)

  2. Promoting literacy for the Young Alberta Book Society looks super fun! Keep up the good work! I'll be checking back to enjoy your great photos.

  3. Way to go Dawn and way to go Karen and volunteer Donna!