Monday, June 21, 2010

A buffet of aMUSEment

I had the weirdest Father's Day.

My handsome husband twisted things around, making *his* day all about me and his daughter. While I made coffee, hubby went to the store for my special (very sweet) creamer. He then made breakfast - an amazing breakfast of eggs, bacon and hash browns - while I sat at the kitchen table and read. Yes, read.

Despite repeated attempts to engage in some kind of typical Father's Day activity - like scoping out the car show, fishing, indulging in a homemade dinner made by my stepdaughter, or picking out a total guy movie, handsome husband declined. All day.

He puttered around the yard while I wrote. He took us to the pet stores to ogle the fish (because that's what we like to do as a family). And then, he made a wonderful, healthy dinner.

But if that wasn't enough, when we settled down to watch some TV, I encouraged him to pick the program. I volunteered (with enthusiasm) to watch hunting or Prison Lockdown or some other cop reality show. Even re-runs of UFC fights, if that topped his list.

What did he choose?

Spike TV's Guy's Choice Awards 2010.

Now I'm sure he thought he'd selected something quite masculine for his Father's Day entertainment, but seriously, it was the capper on a day all about everyone *but* him. Two friggin hours of intense eye candy. We're talking Sylvestor Stallone, George Clooney, Robert Downey Jr., Kiefer Sutherland (sigh), Jason Statham and so many more - ALL IN ONE ROOM. A literal buffet of choices for this week's muse avatar.

I had to choose one.

I've been a fan of Jason's since Transporter. He gives off that whole tough-guy vibe without having to look like the Hulk, not that there's anything wrong with my favorite green hottie (Kermit is a close second.)

And, sigh, since I'm knee deep in revisions that require a tough - and perhaps harsh - reality check, I figure Jason's up to the task. I'm counting on him to backhand excessive adverbs and roundhouse kick those "was" words right out of my MS. He can bully characters back into voice, and put the fear of God in my protagonist - at least until she figures out how to get herself out of hot water.

I believe Jason will even do this all with a smile - which is pretty amazing because he's got a great one. (I know, with all those ab muscles glinting at you it's tough to see the cute curve of that mouth. Just keep staring, your eye will eventually be drawn upward...)

The Book In My Bag Today: The Summoning, Kelley Armstrong


  1. your hubby sounds like an amazing partner and father!

    and i can't help but love jason statham's accent!

  2. Happy Father's Day to YOU. (Hope he's not the type to keep score and expect a Mother's Day that works in his favor next year ;-))

  3. mi - yes, I do have a pretty amazing partner :-) And Jason's accent is super sexy.

    Thanks Wendy. Nah, he won't throw it in my face. I don't think. LOL

  4. Awe- you luck duck! It sounds like your hubby's a genuinely generous guy. Mine was quite the opposite. I made him the breakfast. He did take us the sports goods store and then he chose the restaurant- greasy fast food. He had a great day though:)

  5. CQG - I may have snagged an awesome hubby, but clearly your hubby has the world's greatest wife. I'm glad he had a great day.

  6. Sounds like you have a pretty good catch there in the hubby department! Cantankerous Curmudgeon, Mr. Tart was not nearly that perky. And excellent muse choice for the rewrite!

  7. Thanks WT. I do recognize I'm lucky. And I appreciate the approval of the muse. Sorry your Mister wasn't so happy. There's ALWAYS next year :-)

  8. Your hubby is definitely a keeper! What a sweetheart!

    Of course, it is Monday with Dawn and we know what that means! I was looking at the pix of Jason and then started to type what a sweat heart just now in the comment, LOL!

    See where my mind's at? :)

  9. LOL. My mind is right there with you, Glinda. And yeah, hubby's a keeper. I sometimes take for granted how lucky I am.

  10. Well congrats on your anti-father's day! We spent most of the day driving across the state of Iowa (fun times, lemme tell ya!)

    Oh oh oh! I've read the Summoning! We've got the rest of the series, but I haven't read them yet.

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  12. Thanks Vicki. We, er, love road trips. Why do I get the impression yours wasn't such a grand ol time? I'm LOVING The Summoning. But then, Kelley Armstrong can scarcely do anything wrong in my eyes!

  13. What a wonderful husband! (we're lucky, you and I, to have such awesome husbands.)

    I LOVE me some Jason!!! Even his bad movies are yummy. ;)


  14. Lola - agreed! (On both counts...)

  15. Wow. I wish I had a Father's Day like yours. This is my first introduction to Jason.

    Thank you. ; )

  16. Suzanne - anything for you, darling :-)

  17. My favourite quote is from Stephen King: "The road to hell is paved with adverbs." True dat!

  18. LOL. love it, Jan. I studied with him once and every morning we did "bad writing exorcisms." A bit creepy but super effective.